Music Terms – R
Music Terms

Music Terms – R

Ra (fr. ra) – quick blows with sticks on the snare drum alternately with two hands, relying on the last duration
Ra de quatre (pa de quatre) – pa of 4 strokes
Ra de trois (pa de trois) – pa of 3 strokes
Ra et saute (pa e sote) – pa between two long durations
Rabbia (it. rábbia) – rage, anger; con rabbia (con rábbia) – angry, furious, furiously
Rabbioso (rabbioso) – angry, furious, furiously
Raccoglirnento (it. rakkolimento) – concentration; con raccoglirnento (con raccolimento) – concentrated
Raccontando (it. rakkontándo) – narrative
Rackett(German racket), Rankett (ranket) – an old woodwind instrument (a kind of bassoon)
Rädchen (German redhen), Radel (rádel) – name. vocal compositions in the form of a canon in cf. in.
Raddolcendo (it. raddolchendo) – softening
Raddoppiato (it. raddopyato) – doubled, at twice the speed
Radieux (fr. radio), Radioso (it. radiozo) – joyfully, radiantly
Rado (it. rádo) – rare, not thick; di rado (di rado) – rarely
Raffrenando (it. raffrenando) – holding back
Rag (English reg), Ragtime(ragtime) – 1) amer. ballroom dance; 2) syncopated dance rhythm; 3) the style of playing the piano in early jazz
Raganella (Italian raganella) – ratchet (percussion instrument)
Rageur (French razor) – angry
Rageusement (razhezman) – angrily, furiously
Raised (English raizd) – elevated (sound against temperaments. )
Ralenti (French ralanti) – slow, slow
Ralentissez (ralantisse) – slow down
Rallentando (it. rallentando) – slowing down
Ranz des vaches (fr. ran de your) – folk melodies of Swiss shepherds
Rapidamente (it. Rapidamente), con rapidita ( con rapidita), Rapido(rapido), Rapide (fr. rapid) – quickly, rapidly
Rapide et fuyant (fr. rapid e fuyán) – swiftly, as if gliding [Debussy. Pyoka dance]
Rappresentativo (it. rapprezentativo) – Italian style. opera at the beginning of the 17th century, based on the dramatic expressive solo singing
Rappresentazione ( rapprezentazione ) – performance ,
image in the character of the rhapsody Raramente (it. raramente), Raro (ráro), di raro (di ráro) – rarely Rasch
(German rush) – fast; fast
Rascher (rásher) – faster
Rasche Viertel (German ráshe firtel) – the pace is fast, count in quarters (op. by German composers of the 20th century)
Rasgueado (Spanish rasgeado) – playing the guitar
Rassel (German rássel) – ratchet (percussion instrument)
Rastral (German rastral), Rastrum (lat. rastrum) – rashtr (a tool for applying a musical staff to paper)
Ratchet (English rátchit), Ratsche (German rátshe) – ratchet (percussion instrument)
Rätselkanon (German . retzelkanon) – the mysterious canon
Rattamente (it. rattamente), con rattezza (con rattezza),Ratto (ratto) – fast, lively
Rattezza (rattezza) – speed
Rattenendo (it. rattenendo) – delaying
Rattenuto (it. rattenýto) – restrained
Rattle (eng. ratl) – ratchet (percussion instrument)
Rauschend (German raushend) – noisy
Rauschflöte (German raushflete) – one of the registers of the organ
Rautennote (German rautennote) – diamond-shaped note of the mensural notation
Ravissement (fr. ravisman) – admiration
Ravvicinando (it. rabvichinando) – approaching
Ravvivando (it. rabvivando) – quickening, accelerating
Re ( it. re, eng. ri), Rè (fr. re) – the sound of re
Réalisation(French realization), Realizzazione (it. realizatione) – building harmony according to a given bass; literally, the implementation
of Rebab (Arabic, rebab) – rebab (an old bowed instrument of Indo-Iranian origin)
Rebec (reback) – an old bowed instrument (appeared c. 12th century)
Rebondir (fr. Rebondir) – flare up with renewed vigor [Berlioz]
Rebop ( English ribop) – one of the styles of jazz, art; the same as bop, bebop
Rechte (German rehte) – right
Rechte Hand (rehte hand) – right hand
Recht gemächlich (German reht gemahlich) – leisurely
Recisamente (it. rechizamente) – sharply, decisively
Récit(fr. resi) – 1) story; 2) solo vocal or instrumental number in French. music 17th-18th centuries
Recital (English recital), récital (French recital) – concert of the soloist
Recitando (It. recitando), Recitato (recitato) – reciting, telling
Récitant (French recitan) – performer-soloist
Récitatif (French recitatif), Recitative ( eng. recitative) – recitative
Récitation (fr. recitation) – performance by recitative
Recitativo (it. recitative) – 1) recitative; 2) side keyboard of the organ
Recitativo accompagnato (recitative accompanyato) – clearly rhythmic melodic. recitative with orchestral accompaniment.
Recitativo secco (recitativo sekko) – recitative in free rhythm, speaking, accompanied by cembalo
Record (eng. rikood) – gramophone record
Recordare (lat. rekordare) – “Remember” – the beginning of one of the parts of the requiem
Recorder (eng. rikoode) – longitudinal flute
Reco-reco (Spanish reco-reco) – reco-reco (percussion instrument)
Recte et retro (Latin rekte et retro) – “back and forth” – decree. for the performance of the mirror canon
Rectus modus (Latin rectus modus) – direct movement [voice]
Recueilli (French recoy) – concentrated
Redoublé (French redouble) – doubled, marche redoublé(march, redouble) – fast march
Redoublement (fr. redoubleman) – doubling the voice into an octave
Redova (czech redova), Rejdovak (reydovak) – Czech dance
Réduction (fr. redyuksion) – trans. scores for performance on the piano
Reed (English reed) – 1) a reed at a woodwind instrument; 2) reed in the pipes of the
Reeds organ (reeds) – 1) reed musical instruments; 2) the designation of a group of woodwind instruments in jazz
Reed-flute (
English reed flute) – one of the registers of the organ Reel
(English ril) – old English. and shotl. dance
Réexposition (French re-exposure) – repetition of the exposition
Refrain (French refrain, English refrain) – refrain, refrain
Refrapper (French refrape) – hit again
Regal (German regal) – regal (small portable organ)
Regens chori (lat regens hori) – regent, choirmaster
Reggere I’orchestra (it. redzhere l’orchestra) – to conduct
Regierwerk (German regirverk) – tractor (control mechanism in the organ)
Register (German register), Registro(it. registro) – 1) organ register: a) a group of pipes is defined, range and the same, timbre; b) a mechanical device that allows you to include different groups of pipes; 2) register of a human voice or instrument
Register (English registe), Registre (French register) – 1) register of a human voice or instrument; 2) mechanical a device in the body that allows you to include different. groups of pipes
Registration (fr. registration) – registration (on the organ)
Regret (fr. regre) – complaint, grief, regret
Régulier (fr. regulier) – correct, accurate, regular
Rehearsal (eng. rehesl) – rehearsal; dress rehearsal (dress rehearsal) – dress rehearsal
Reibtrommel (German: Reibtrommel) – a percussion instrument (sound is extracted by lightly rubbing a wet finger against a membrane); the same as Rummelpott, Brummtopf
Reihe (German: Raye) – series (term of serial music)
Reihengebundene Musik (German: Reihengebundene Musik) – serial music
Rein (German: Rhine) – pure; for example, Reine Quarte (reine quarte) – pure quart
Rein stimmen (German Rein shtimmen) – precisely [purely] tune
Réjouissance (French reguisance) – 1) 18th century divertissement; 2) name scherzo-shaped parts in the old French. suites
Relatif (fr. relatif), Relative (eng. reletiv), Relativo(it. relative) – parallel tonality (major or minor)
Relation (fr. relyason), Relatio non harmonica (lat. relatio non harmonica) – list
Relief (fr. relief) – relief; en relief (en relief) – convex, embossed, emphasizing the voice of Religiose
( it . religiozo ) – religiously ,
devoutly – reminiscence, memory Remove mute
(French ramplissage) – filling [with insignificant material]; parties de remplissage (party de ramplissage) – minor. voices
Rentrée (French rantre) – the reappearance of the theme in the development of
Renversable (French Ranversable) – reversible [counterpoint]
Renversement (French Ranvereeman) – reversal [interval, chord]
Repeat (English ripite) – repetition, repetition sign
Repercussa ( lat. reperkussa) – in Gregorian chant, one of the main tones of the system, preceding the final (finalis)
Repercussio (lat. reperkussio), répercussion ( fr. (German repercussion) – 1) in Gregorian chant, a typical melodic turn that connects Repercussa with the final tone; 2) repeatedly repeated tone in some neumas; 3) in fugue – the first holding of the thematic material
Repertoire (German repertoire), Repertoire (English repetua), répertoire (French repertoir), repertorio (It. repertorio) – repertoire
Repetatur (lat. repetatur), répéter (French repete ) – repeat
Repetition (German repetition), Repetition (English repitition), répétition (French repetition) – 1) rehearsal, repetition; 2) fast repetition of sound on keyboard instruments
Repetitionszeichen(German repetitsiónetsaihen) – a sign of repetition
Replica (lat., It. replica), réplique (French replica) – 1) replica, repetition; 2) holding the topic in another voice; si Replica (it. si replica) – repeats
Replicando (it. replikando), Replicato (replicato) – repeating
Replicatamente (replicatamente) – repeatedly
Réponse (fr. repons) – 1) answer in fugue; 2) imitation of the voice in the canon
Repos (fr. repo) – pause; literally rest
Reprendre (fr. reprandre) – resume, take (instrument, mute)
again Reprenez (reprene) – come back, take again
Reprenez le mouvement(reprene le muvman) – restore the pace; the same as a tempo
Représentation (French reprézantacion), Representation (English reprisentation) – 1) image; 2) performance (theatrical)
Reprise (fr. reprise) – 1) reprise, repetition; 2) a sign of repetition
Requiem (lat. Requiem) – a requiem (a funeral mass); the first words of the initial verse of the mass “Requiem aeternam” – “Eternal rest”
Res facta (lat. res fact) – cf. – century. the name of the recorded music as opposed to the improvised
Resigné (French rezigne) – meekly, humbly, reconciled
Résolu (French resolu) – resolutely
Résolution (French resoluion), Resolution(eng. rezelyushn) – resolution [interval or chord]
Resonance (fr. resonance), Resonance (eng. reznens), Resonanz (German resonance) – resonance, echo
Resonanzboden (German rezonanzboden) – resonance deck
Resonator (German resonator ), résonateur (fr. resonator) – resonator
Respiration (fr. respiracion), Respirazione (it. respiration) – 1) breathing; 2) signs of a change in breathing in vocal parts
Respiro (it. respiro) – sigh, breath,
pause(English rest) – pause
Resto (it. resto) – the rest, the rest [orchestra, ensemble]
Restrictio (lat. restrictio) – stretta in fugue; literally compression
Restringendo (it. restringendo) – accelerating
Retard (fr. retard) – detention
Retardant (fr. retardan) – slowing down
Retardé (retarde) – slow
Retarder (retarde) – slow down
Retardation (English ritadation) – 1) type of detention; 2) slowing down the pace
Retenir (French retenir) – delay; en retenant (an retenan) – slowing down
Retenu (retenu) – restrained, moderately
Retro (it. retro) – back
Retrogrado (retrogrado), Retrogradus (lat. retrogradus) – going back, nanp., imitatio retrograde (imitation of retrograde) – shell imitation
of Réuni (fr. reuni) – united
Réunion (reunion) – association
Rêve (fr. rev) – dream; Recomme en un reve (kom en en rev) – as in a dream [Scriabin. Poem-nocturne]
Revenez (fr. revene) – come back; for example, revenez peu à peu au premier mouvement (revene peu and pe o premier muvman) – return gradually to the original. tempo
Rêverie (fr. revery) – dream, reverie, dream
Rêveusement (revezeman) – dreamy, thoughtful
Reversement (fr. reversman) – reversal [interval or chord]
Revue (fr. revue) – 1) review; 2) revue (variety, performance); 3) viewed; for example, édition revue (edis6n revue) – a reviewed edition
of Rex tremendae (lat. rex tremende) – “The Terrible Lord” – the initial words of one of the parts of the
Rezitativ requiem (German recitative) – the recitative
Rhapsodie (French rhapsodie), Rhapsodie (German. rhapsody), Rhapsody (eng. rapsedi) – rhapsody
Rhythm (eng. ridzm), Rhythmus (German rhythmus) – rhythm
Rhythm and blues(English ridzm and blues) – “rhythm and blues” (a kind of black music)
Rhythmic (English ridzmik), Rhythmical (ridzmikl), Rhythmisch (German rhythmic) – rhythmic, rhythmic
Rhythmik (German rhythmic) – rhythmic
Rhythm section (eng. ridzm action) – a group of accompanying instruments that creates the rhythmic basis of jazz, games
Rib (eng. rib) – the shell of bowed instruments
Ribattuta (it. ribattuta) – a kind of vocal trill in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Ricercar (it. richerkar), Ricercata (richerkata) – richercar (a type of polyphonic works of Western European music of the 16th-18th centuries); by Ricercare – look for
Ricercata – exquisite
Ricochet (French ricochet) – ricochet (a stroke on bowed instruments is a jumping bow); à Ricochet (a ricochet) – a rebound
of Ricordanza (it. Ricordan) – a memory of
Ridendo (it. ridendo) – fun, joyful
Ridicolo (it. ridicolo), Ridicule (fr. reticule) – funny, funny
Rien (fr. rien) – nothing, nothing
Riff (English riff) – short music. a phrase repeated in the accomp. jazz
Rifiorimento (Italian Rifiorimento), Rifioritura (Italian Rifioritura) – decoration
Rigaudon (French Rigodon) – old, French. Rigore dance
(it. rigore) – rigor, accuracy; con rigore (con rigore), Rigoroso (rigoroso) – strictly, precisely [observing the rhythm]; senza rigore (senza rigore) – not strictly, not observing the rhythm
Rigoureux (fr. rigure) – precisely, sharply, severely
Rigueur (fr. riger) – rigor, accuracy; avec rigueur (avek riger) – strictly, precisely [observing the rhythm]; sans rigueur (san riger) – not strictly, not observing the rhythm
Rilasciando (it. rilashando) – slowing down somewhat, delaying
Rilevato (it. rilevato) – emphasized, embossed
Rimbombare (it. rimbombare) – rattle
Rimbombo (rimbombo) – rumble
Rimprovero (it. rimprovero) – reproach; con rimprovero (con rimprovero) – with an expression of reproach [Medtner. “In passing”]
Rinforzando (it. rinfortsando), con rinforzo (kon rinforzo) – strengthening (designation of strong crescendo)
Rinforzato (it. rinforzato) – intensified (strong forte)
Ringeltanz (German ringeltanz) – ring dance
Ring key (eng. rin kii), Ringklappen (German ringklyappen) – an annular valve for wind instruments
Ripetizione (it. ripetitione) – 1) repetition; 2)
Ripieno rehearsal(it. ripiono) – ripieno: 1) in the choir or orchestra. the voice of the accompanying soloist; 2) voices that enhance solo parts in tutti; 3) the full composition of the choir or orc. in concerto grosso (as opposed to concertino)
Ripienstimmen (German ripienshtimmen) – voices in a choir or orchestra, accompaniment. soloist
Riposo (it. riposo) – stop, break
Riprendere (it. riprendere) – take [instrument, mute]
again Ripresa (it. ripreza) – 1) reprise, repetition; 2) a sign of repetition
Riso ironico (it. Riso ironico) – ironic laughter [Scriabin. Satanic poem]
Risolutamente (it. Risolutamente), Risoluto (Risoluto) – resolutely
Risoluzione(it. rizolyutsione) – resolution (of an interval or chord)
Risonante (it. risonante) – sonorous, resounding, loud,
booming Risonare (risonare) – to sound, ring, reflect the sound
of Risonanza (it. Risonanza) – 1) resonance, echo; 2) sound, voice
of Risposta (it. risposta) – 1) answer in fugue; 2) imitating voice in the canon
Ristretto (it. ristretto) – stretta in fugue; literally contraction
Ristringendo (it. ristringendo) – accelerating
Risvegliando (it. rizvelyando) – awakening,
reviving Ritardando (it. ritardando) – slowing down
Ritenendo (it. ritenendo) – slowing down, holding back
Ritenere(ritenere) – slow down, restrain
Ritenuto (it. ritenuto) – slow
Ritmico (it. rhythmic) – rhythmic, rhythmically
Ritmo (rhythm) – rhythm, size
Ritmo di tre battute (ritmo di tre battute) – groups of 3 measures
Ritornando ( it. ritornando) – returning
Ritornando al tempo I (ritornando al tempo I) – returning to the original. tempo
Ritornel (English ritonel), Ritornell (German ritornell), Ritornello (Italian ritornelle), Ritournelle (French ritornelle) – ritornello
Ritorto (Italian ritorto) – the crown of the brass wind instrument
Ritterlich(German Ritterlich) – in the knightly spirit
Riverso (It. Riverso) – addressed; in the canon, an indication that this voice should be performed in reverse order
Rivolgimento (it. rivolgimento) – reversal [voices in double counterpoint]
Rivolto (it. rivólto) – reversal [interval, chord, theme]
Robustamente (it. robustamente) – strong, powerful, strong, courageous
Robusto (robusto) – strong, strong
Rock (English rock), Rock-n-roll (rock and roll) – rock and roll (North – Amer. dance); literally spin and spin Roso (it.
roco ) – hoarse, hoarse, deaf; con roca voce (con roca voche) – in a hoarse voice
Rod(German genus) – name. vocal compositions in the form of a canon in cf. centuries
Rods (English rodz) – rods (used when playing a cymbal, drum)
Roh (German ro) – rough, hard
Rohrblatt (German rorblat) – 1) a cane on woodwind instruments; 2) tongue in the pipes of the organ
Rohrblattinstrumente (rorblatinstrumente) – a wind instrument with a cane
Röhrenglocken (German: Rörengloken) – tubular bells
Rohrflöte (German: Rorflöte), Rohrquinte (Rorquinte) – organ registers
Rohrstäbchen mit Kopf aus Kapok (German: Rorstäbchen mit Kopf aye) kapok) – [play] with a reed stick with a kapok head [Stravinsky. “Soldier’s Story”]
Rolltrommel (German: rolltrommel) – cylindrical (French) drum; the same as Ruhrtrommel and Wirbeltrommel
Romance (French romance, English Remence Spanish Romanse) – romance
Romancero (Spanish Romancero), Romanziere (Italian Romanciore) – a collection of romances
Romanesca (Italian Romanesque) – old Italian. dance
Romantic (English rementik), Romantico (Italian romance), Romantique (French romantic), Romantisch (German romantic) – romantic
Romanza (Italian Romance), Romanze (German Romance) – romance
Rombando (Italian rombando ), Rombare(rombare) – buzz, make noise
Ronde (fr. rond) – 1) a whole note; 2) round dance
Rondeau (French rondo) – rondo
Rondellus (lat. rondelus) – an old form of strict imitation
of Rondement (French rondeman) – quickly, lively, decisively [Ramo]
Rondena (Spanish rondenya) – rondenya (Spanish dance) )
Rondino (it. rondino), Rondoletto ( rondoletto ) – small rondo
Rondo (it. rondo, eng. rondou)
 rondo resonant holes in bowed instruments; 2) “sockets” for Rosalia plucked instruments
(lat. rosalia), Rosalie (fr. rosalie) – rosalia (multiple repetition of the motive at different steps)
Roßhaar (German roshaar) – hair of the bow
Rota (lat. company), Rotulum (rotulum) – name. vocal compositions in the form of a canon in cf. centuries
Rotary valve (eng. róuteri velv) – a rotary valve for a brass wind instrument
Rotta (German rotta), Rotte (rotte) – an old Celtic bow instrument
Roulade (fr., English roulad) – rulada (fast, virtuoso passage)
Roulement ( fr. Rulman) – tremolo percussion instrument
Round (English round) – canon for singing
Roundelay(English roundley) – 1) Nar. song or ballad of the 14th century; 2) round dance
Rovesciatnento (it. roveshamento) – reversal of voices in double counterpoint
Rovescio (it. rovesho) – reversal of a chord or interval
Rubando (it. rubando), Rubato (rubato) – rhythmically free performance
Rude (fr. rude) – hard , severely
Ruhig (German Ruih) – calmly, quietly
Ruhiger (Ruiger) – calmer
Ruhevoll (Ruefol) – calm, quiet
Rührtrommel (German Ruhrtrommel) – cylindrical. (French) drum; the same as Rolltrommel, Wirbeltrommel
Rullando (it. rullando), Rullio (it. rullio),Rullo ( rollo ) – fraction; tremolo on a percussion instrument
Rumba (Spanish rumba) – ballroom dance lat.- Amer. origin
Rummelpott (German Rummelpot) – a percussion instrument (sound is extracted by rubbing a wet finger against a membrane); the same as Reibtrommel, Brummtopf
Rundgesang (German rundgesang) – round dance song
Rustico (Italian rustico) – rustic, rural
Ruten (German Ruten) – rods [app. when playing a cymbal, drum]
Ruvidamente (it. ruvidamente), Ruvido (ruvido) – hard, sharp
Rythme (fr. rhythm) – rhythm, size (meter), tempo
Rythme (rhythme), Rythmique(rhythm) – rhythmic, rhythmically, measured
Rythme brisé (fr. rhythm breeze) – breaking the rhythm (German roundhand) br / (Latin rectus modus) – direct movement [voices] / bbr / br /

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