Important Features of Piano Transportation

Important Features of Piano Transportation

The piano is a rather bulky musical instrument found in many houses and apartments. Its weight can reach 400 kg. Periodically, the question arises of how to properly transport it without damaging it. After all, this is a complex, overall, heavy tool. We offer a short overview of the solution to this problem.

Preparing the piano for shipping

Important Features of Piano TransportationWhen deciding to move a piano, it is important to prepare:

  1. Completely study the route, leave all the doors of the apartment, house, entrance open. Provide free, convenient access to the car body.
  2. Participants of movement and loading should wear gloves with a rubber layer, belts that protect the spinal muscles from sprains.
  3. Prepare a wide trolley on which the tool will do part of the way.
  4. Gather as many people as possible for work by turning to professionals. For every 45 kg of weight, it is recommended to attract one person.
  5. Unscrew existing legs. If possible, remove covers, panels, impact mechanism to reduce weight and protect these elements from possible impacts.


Important Features of Piano Transportation

Tool carton

First of all, the covers of the instrument and keyboard are sealed with tape. Foam rubber or other soft material should be placed on the keys in a thin layer. It is advisable to cover the strings with thick paper. The entire piano is wrapped in blankets. It is advisable to wrap protruding elements (wheels, legs, pedals, corners) with cardboard or paper, fixing it with shipping tape. If you wrap the entire surface with polyethylene, the hands of the loaders will begin to slip off. Therefore, it is important to leave holes in the package so that there is something to take on.

Tool transport

Moving a piano is not easy. It is important to constantly monitor the situation, observing safety measures, as the severity of the tool can lead to injury.

The flooring may also be damaged. Therefore, movement on built-in rollers is undesirable. They play a decorative role.

When driving, you must :

  • exclude any vibration;
  • ingress of dust, dirt, moisture into the instrument;
  • use all the techniques that facilitate the process.

transporting a piano in a car

It is advisable to deal with transportation in the warm season, since the piano is sensitive to temperature changes and cannot stay outside for a long time.

Proper transportation in a car

It is advisable to decide in advance on the optimal route. The tool can be carried fully locked in an upright position at a moderate speed.

Can it be carried in a trailer

transporting a piano in a trailerHaving decided to transport the piano in a car trailer, it is necessary to take into account the compliance of its carrying capacity with the weight and dimensions of the instrument. You should also take into account the permissible weight of the road train, whether it meets the technical characteristics of the towbar and the machine. It is advisable to rent a special tool. In general, this form of delivery is not recommended due to the high risk of breakage, cracking, and damage.

Proper loading and unloading

When moving, it is not recommended to use a trolley, since in this case vibration occurs, which is detrimental to the tool. Carrying through the doorway, you have to use your hands. Therefore, you need to prepare belts from wide ribbons. They are tied into large loops that drape over the shoulders of the loaders, poking under the object being carried. This distributes weight and controls movement. Two loops under the tool are tied together for a rigid fixation so that they do not slip off.

loading a piano into a car

Important Features of Piano TransportationGoing down the stairs, turn the piano deck to the railing. Be careful not to place the piano on the steps at an angle. The movement is made by all loaders at the same time, without jerks. Rise at the level of 15 cm. So the object will not move, no extra effort is required. It is important to maintain balance, support the piano from below.

Accuracy is important, periodically be sure to arrange a rest. Lifting the instrument must be done from a sitting position, with a straight back, using the strength of the legs. A hydraulic lift ensures safe and easy loading.

When placing a tool in a truck, you must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Lay panels and impact mechanism .
  2. Attach the impact mechanism to the side of the machine with the back wall.
  3. Lifting the tool, move it a little into the body.
  4. Install vertically.

Unloading is done in the same way, in reverse order.

Actions after transportation

Having delivered the tool, you need to slowly and carefully bring it into the house. To avoid temperature fluctuations, windows should be opened first. For some time the piano should stand with the lids closed to get used to the room microclimate. If moisture has formed on it, you should not wipe it . Better to let it dry itself.

You can’t play on the day of transport. Sound tuning is carried out only after a week.

Shipping cost

Companies and private specialists promise prices for transportation from 500 rubles . It should be borne in mind that the price can increase several times depending on the complexity of loading / unloading, the weight of the tool, the distance transported and a number of other parameters.

We recommend focusing on average prices from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

Possible errors and difficulties

Transportation of a piano is one of the most complex types of cargo transportation . It happens that the tool does not pass through the corridor, does not fit in the elevator. Sometimes it becomes necessary to rearrange furniture and remove doors. Any blows to a fragile product are dangerous. Despite the desirability of packaging, it significantly interferes with movers for the following reasons:

  • Interfering with movement. The packaging slips in your hands.
  • Changing the external dimensions does not allow avoiding tool contacts with stairs, walls and corners.

Therefore, it is widely believed that excessive wrapping of the product is undesirable. Packaging is needed when transporting the tool along with other items.

It is easier to turn to professionals for transportation services.


What is the main difficulty in transporting a piano?

The main problem is weight. The smallest models weigh at least 140 kg, large ones can reach 400 kg, the old ones are even heavier.

Can a piano be transported lying down in a truck?

It is forbidden. During such transportation, there is a risk of damage to the mechanisms , vibration and friction.

How many movers should move the piano?

Professionals work together. Only old German-made instruments and grand pianos are carried by four movers. Also, steep sections, such as spiral staircases, may require the strength of six people.

Which vehicles are best suited for transportation?

Ordinary Gazelles with mounting mechanisms in the body are ideal.

What affects the cost of transportation services?

The final price depends on the weight, dimensions, delivery route (usually in the city the estimate is for hourly rent), number of floors, and the presence of significant areas of carrying.


After reviewing this review, you should once again pay attention to some vital recommendations. You can not stop a falling piano, it is life threatening. When moving, do not push the tool on wheels, so as not to break them and damage the floor. It is worth doing this on your own, only without being able to turn to specialists.

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