How to learn to sing with vibrato? A few simple settings for a beginning vocalist

How to learn to sing with vibrato? A few simple settings for a beginning vocalist

How to learn to sing with vibrato? A few simple settings for a beginning vocalistHave you probably noticed that the vast majority of modern singers use vibrato in their performances? And also tried to sing with vibration in your voice? And, of course, it didn’t work out the first time?

Someone will say: “Oh, why do I need this vibrato at all? You can sing beautifully without it!” And this is true, but vibrato adds variety to the voice, and it becomes truly alive! Therefore, do not despair in any case, Moscow was not built right away either. So, if you want to diversify your voice with vibrations, then listen to what we are going to tell you now.

How to learn to sing with vibrato?

Шаг первый. Listen to the music of performers who master vibrato! Preferably, often and a lot. With constant listening, elements of vibration in the voice will appear on their own, and in the future you will be able to turn the elements into full-fledged vibrato if you follow further advice.

Шаг второй. Not a single vocal teacher, even the best one, can clearly explain to you what it’s like to sing vibrato, so “take off” all the “beauties” heard in musical works. What does it mean? This means that as soon as you hear the vibrations in the voice of your favorite performer, stop the song at this moment and try to repeat it, do this many times, then you can sing along with the performer. This way the vibrato technique will begin to settle into your voice. Believe me, it all works!

Step Three. A good musician is determined by endings, and a beautiful ending to a phrase is impossible without vibrato. Free your voice from all constraints, because vibrato can only arise with complete freedom of the voice. So, once you start singing freely, vibrato in the endings will appear naturally. Besides, if you sing freely, you sing correctly.

Step Four. There are various exercises to develop vibrato, just like for any other vocal technique.

  • An exercise of a staccato nature (it is always better to start with it). Before each note, exhale strongly, and after each note, completely change your breath.
  • If you have mastered the previous exercise, you can alternate between staccata and legata. Before a legato phrase, take an active breath, then do not change your breathing, while focusing on each note with movements of the upper press and swinging it. It is important that the diaphragm works vigorously and the larynx is calm.
  • On the vowel sound “a”, go up a tone from that note and back, repeat this many times, gradually increasing your speed. You can start with any note, as long as you feel comfortable singing.
  • In any key, sing the scale in semitones, forward and backward. Just like in the first exercise, gradually increase your speed.

Everyone loves it when a performer sings “deliciously,” so I sincerely hope that you can learn to sing vibrato with the help of these tips. I wish you success!

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