Gelmer Sinisalo (Gelmer Sinisalo) |

Gelmer Sinisalo (Gelmer Sinisalo) |

Gelmer Sinisalo

Date of birth
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the USSR

Gelmer Sinisalo (Gelmer Sinisalo) |

He graduated from the Leningrad Musical College, flute class (1939). He studied composition theory on his own. A connoisseur of Karelian, Finnish, Vepsian folklore, he often turns to plots and themes related to the images of the history, life and nature of his region. His most significant works are: the symphony about the “Bogatyr of the Forest” (1948), the suite “Karelian Pictures” (1945), the Children’s Suite (1955), Variations on a Finnish Theme (1954), Flute Concerto, 24 piano preludes, romances, arrangements of folk songs and others.

The largest work of Sinisalo is the ballet “Sampo”. The images of the ancient Karelian epic “Kalevala” brought to life harsh, grandeur music, in which fantasy is intertwined with everyday scenes. The peculiarity of the melodic fabric of the ballet, the predominance of restrained tempos and dynamics give the Sampo ballet an epic character. Sinisalo also created the ballet “I Remember a Wonderful Moment”, in which Glinka’s music is used.

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