Denon LC6000 Prime controller review

Denon LC6000 Prime controller review

Denon LC6000 Prime controller review

I recently got my hands on a new controller with the Denon logo: LC6000 Prime. The name itself indicates what its basic function is. LC means exactly the same as “layer control” – that is, “layer control”. I thought it was worth trying right away what would bring a new purchase when I paired it with another controller from the Denon stable. More precisely: with the SC6000 Prime.

Light equipment… but solid

Lightness is usually associated with everything but durability. This time, however, was different. Accustomed to the weight typical of the SC, with amazement I even grabbed the exactly 2,8 kilograms, almost the twin LC6000 from the box. Some people may turn their noses at the beginning, but… In this case, it is not a disadvantage at all and it does not result from any savings. Well, there is simply no touchscreen on the LC in the world and this is the main difference between this model and the SC6000. Along with the glass, of course, all the electronics needed to operate it, which weighed down, fell out. And here you are: we have already explained why this lightness comes from.

Denon LC6000 Prime controller review

The base turns out to be a cast plastic base and the top is metal and slightly roughened to provide a good grip. On the other hand, the buttons turned out to have a nice, rubber texture. They are now pressed in much better than on the SC5000. The pitch fader also won my appreciation. Nothing upsets me like a slider that does not offer adequate resistance – if you need to move it quickly, it can be quite irritating. Here, the ratchet resistance is exactly as it should be, so the “0” position will not be a problem in the mix and applause for the constructors.

Don’t wait, plug it in!

The producer boasts of a multitude of possibilities in composing a set, an important part of which is to be the LC6000 Prime. First things first. The biggest plus is the fact that this equipment belongs to the family of devices powered by the Engine 2.0 system. Whoever has dealt with it knows how important this information is. A clear view of the double track, easy navigation and seamless connection with streaming service libraries are just some of its advantages.

The controller powers a single USB cable. Do you associate this characteristic picture with a tangle of cables on a DJ? Thanks to such savings, the LC6000 does not contribute to the formation of undesirable chaos, which means that it just deserves another plus for me. Okay, let’s move on to the LC pairing experience with the SC6000. It turned out to be quite simple. It was enough to plug in the USB cable, turn on both controllers and after a while I saw the characteristic second track on the touch display of the SC model. In this case, Plug & Play really works perfectly and cannot be faulted.

How does it come out in the wash?

Tried various configurations, including the software installed on the laptop. Here is one more piece of information, albeit important: if your portable computer does not have power via USB, then you have a DC input at your disposal, which will do the trick. It is an additional cable, but well – in crisis situations you can support yourself with this solution.

Denon LC6000 Prime controller review

Let us move on to the issue of delays. What is the latency of the LC6000 Prime running in standalone mode? Well, nothing. Round zero, null. Huge, because measuring as much as 8,5 “in diameter, the jogger is fabulously easy to use, and at the same time provides a pleasant experience thanks to the built-in screen. You can display album covers or your own logo on it.

In addition, you have 8 pads that are responsible for functions such as slicer, hot cue and loop. The pitch fader is 10 centimeters long and is illuminated by LED lights. As I mentioned, the ratchet has exactly the resistance it is supposed to offer, so I haven’t noticed any problems with the pitch handling. The whole is complemented by RGB backlight, which looks impressive while playing with music.

A wide range of possibilities

The topic of laptop and software has already fallen, so it’s time for specifics. As I write these words, the manufacturer provides support for software such as Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ, and Djay Pro. Apparently, there are plans to extend the options to the well-known Tractor in the industry. Let’s stay on the subject of Serato for a moment. I was checking this soft and I was impressed that the devices were mapped with my layout immediately after connecting.

Going further: the producer boasts of having a wide choice in matching the LC6000 Prime to an existing set. In my experience with the combination of the LC with the SC6000 Prime, it is above all an excellent solution to enrich the use of Denon equipment. However, you can bet on a laptop and – if you have a sufficiently large wallet – try a number of different configurations when creating your optimal setup.

Denon LC6000 Prime controller review

It’s hard to imagine what kind of monster you can complete with four LCs combined with a mixer. This is the perfect solution for those of you who have the opportunity to whisper good advice in the ear of the club owner. Do not forget to add that this option is much more economical than alternatives available on the market.

Who can I recommend the LC6000 Prime to?

Due to the aforementioned versatility, it would be actually easier to answer the question of who not to recommend it to. The LC6000 Prime is a great equipment for controlling the second layer, and it reveals its full capabilities when combined with other models released by Denon. Thanks to Engine 2.0 on board, it will meet the requirements of even the most experienced DJs.

Besides, thanks to it you won’t overpay. It is an easy-to-use controller without any additional frills that would be revealed in the course of use. However, it is a full-fledged alternative to the SC models, and costs twice as much. So if you are on a budget, I have good news for you: when you buy a Denon LC6000 Prime, you get the same quality without overburdening your wallet.



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