Crossword puzzle on musical instruments

This crossword puzzle “Musical instruments” specially created as a sample for those who were assigned a crossword puzzle on music on this or another topic.

The crossword puzzle is based on 20 words, the vast majority of which are the names of a wide variety of musical instruments that are equally well known to everyone. There are also names of famous masters and inventors of these instruments, as well as the names of individual parts and devices for playing.

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And now I invite you to get acquainted with my version crossword puzzle “Musical instruments”. To make it more interesting to solve, take out a stopwatch and note the time!

  1. Ukrainian folk singer playing the kobza.
  2. Pioneer pipe.
  3. The name of the book of psalms and at the same time the name of the plucked string musical instrument, to the accompaniment of which spiritual psalms were sung.
  4. Famous Italian violin maker.
  5. An instrument in the form of a fork with two branches, it produces a single sound – A of the first octave, and is the standard of musical sound.
  6. A musical instrument that is mentioned in the song “Wonderful Neighbor”.
  7. The lowest brass instrument in the orchestra.
  8. The name of this instrument comes from Italian words that mean “loud” and “quiet.”
  9. An ancient stringed musical instrument, to which Sadko sang his epics.
  10. A musical instrument whose name translated means “forest horn.”
  11. What does a violinist play across the strings?
  12. A beautiful painted instrument that can be used to play or eat porridge.
  1. For what instrument did Nicolo Paganini write his caprices?
  2. An ancient Chinese military signal percussion musical instrument in the form of a metal disk.
  3. A device for playing plucked string instruments; it is used to pluck the strings, causing them to rattle.
  4. Italian master, inventor of the piano.
  5. A favorite instrument in Spanish music, it often accompanies dances and produces clicking sounds.
  6. A Russian folk instrument starting with the letter “b” – a triangular one with three strings – if you play it, the bear will start dancing.
  7. The instrument is like an accordion, but on the right side it has a keyboard like a piano.
  8. Shepherd’s reed flute.

Now it’s not a sin to find out the correct answers.

And now the most important thing!

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