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Carl Zeller |

Zeller is an Austrian composer who worked mainly in the operetta genre. His works are distinguished by realistic plots, noble musical characteristics of the characters, and attractive melodies. In his work, he is the most significant of the followers of the tradition of Millöcker and Strauss, and in the best operettas he reaches the true heights of this genre.

Carl Zeller was born on June 19, 1842 in St. Peter in der Au, in Lower Austria. His father, Johann Zeller, a surgeon and obstetrician, having discovered significant musical talent in his son, sent him to Vienna, where the eleven-year-old boy began to sing in the Court Chapel. In Vienna, he also received an excellent general education, studied law at the university and eventually became a doctor of jurisprudence.

Since 1873, Zeller worked as a referent for arts in the Ministry of Education, which did not prevent him from devoting considerable time to music. As early as 1868, his first compositions appeared. In 1876 Zeller’s first operetta La Gioconda was staged on the stage of the An der Wien Theatre. Then there are “Carbonaria” (1880), “Tramp” (1886), “Birdseller” (1891), “Martin Miner” (“Obersteiger”, 1894).

Zeller died on August 17, 1898 in Baden near Vienna.

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