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Building – a term that can refer to any section of music. forms, structurally delimited from neighboring ones. Muses. the form is inherently hierarchical. structure – it consists of a number of sections, each of which is also divided into sections and subsections. Large sections have their own names, depending on the type of form and hierarchical. membership level. So, in the sonata form, the exposition is a large section, in which the main, connecting, secondary and final parts are distinguished. The period is divided into sentences and further – into phrases, motives. Such a system, however, does not embrace all levels of articulation. For example, there are often sections that are larger than a phrase but smaller than a sentence. There are also completely individual forms of division and comparison of sections. Because of this, the term “P.” was introduced, which is neutral in its function, suitable for any level of any hierarchical structure. systems. P. is often denoted by a purely quantitative measure—the number of cycles covered by it (two cycles, four cycles, seven cycles, and so on). The moment of dismemberment, the line between P. called. caesura. The depth of the caesura depends on the hierarchical level P.

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V. P. Bobrovsky

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