Apkhyartsa: device of the instrument, playing technique, use

Apkhyartsa: device of the instrument, playing technique, use

The collection of string instruments of Abkhazia is represented by bowed and plucked folk instruments. Apkhyartsa belongs to the bowed, its name in translation means “that which encourages to go forward.” In ancient times, it was used to accompany folk historical and heroic songs. In each detachment of warriors there was a musician who raised the morale of his comrades.

How is aphyartsa arranged

For the head, neck, body take hardwood. The base with a convex bottom is made by chiselling. Holes-resonators are cut out in it. On the back, where the body passes into the neck, there is a hole for a bow, which has the shape of a small bow. A piece of resin is attached to the back of the body to rub the horsehair that serves as the strings for the bow. For the strings, the Apkhiarians traditionally use livestock strands. The flat soundboard is made of spruce.

Apkhyartsa: device of the instrument, playing technique, use

How to play

The player sits holding the musical instrument vertically. The head is slightly tilted to the left, the leg rests on the knees. With his right hand, the musician leads the bow along the strings. Previously, the performers were exclusively men. Now, preserving the traditions of the Abkhazian ethnic group, women also play. The folk medicine of the highlanders claims that the apkhiartsa makes healing sounds that harmonize the heart, relieve hysteria, and normalize blood pressure.

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