We invite authors to cooperate

Hello dear Musicians. The team of the site Music-education.ru recruits authors.

We are currently looking for authors with a musical education (at least a music college) as well as well-educated amateurs who would fill the already widely known portal – https://music-education.ru with high-quality articles. The direction of music is academic, but the audience is wide.

Our conditions are payment of 50 rubles per thousand characters, goodwill, constant, but not burdensome nature of cooperation. You will only write about what you are well versed in.

Details and answers to questions are in personal correspondence. Write to us right now. What can you write in the first message? Something like this: “Hello! My name is NAME (so-and-so), I am a musician of such and such a specialty and am well versed in such and such issues. My musical interests also include such and such an area. I will be happy to write articles on such and such a topic (feel free to suggest specific topics for articles – this way, firstly, you show that you are really “in the subject”, and, secondly, you can immediately receive an order in work on the topic you proposed).”

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