Various ways to tune your guitar

Various ways to tune your guitar

Tuning a guitar is the first thing that every guitarist should master at the very beginning of his adventure with music.

Various ways to tune your guitar

It is worth noting that even the most expensive instruments will not sound decent if we do not regularly control the tuning. There are many methods, which we will try to present in the video below.

Electric, classical and acoustic guitars – all these types of instruments are tuned according to one principle. Of course, you have to learn the sounds of each string. In standard tuning, these are sequentially (looking from the thinnest): e1, B2, G3, D4, A5, E6

Nowadays, we have a lot of tools in the form of electronic tuners that facilitate and accelerate the tuning process, but even they require learning the basic information about the sounds on the fingerboard and the relationships between them. Despite the availability of a large number of inexpensive and very good electronic reeds on the market, it is also worth learning about tuning methods “by ear”. Thanks to them, our learning to play the guitar will be much more effective and the ear will become more sensitive to the nuances of sound, which always has a very positive effect on our playing.

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