Ukulele Home Learning – complete Video online cource

Ukulele Home Learning – complete Video online cource

The ukulele is a fashionable and affordable instrument in all respects. Small dimensions allow you to carry a mini-guitar with you, placing it in a regular backpack. You can learn how to perform simple melodies, select your favorite songs by ear and play from the sheet with free video clips for beginners.

Ukulele Home Learning – complete Video online cource

The musical structure of the instrument and the principle of playing are accessible to people who do not have musical experience and education. ALL COURSES ONLINE have compiled a selection of the best tutorials to help you learn how to play the ukulele from scratch at home.

Choosing a tool

Виды укулеле - сопрано, концерт или тенор - что лучше? | Укулеле.ру
Which is better: soprano, concerto or tenor? What is the difference and how to choose the most suitable instrument – we deal with the teacher Mikhail Antonov. Having decided on the size, playability, sound and position in the hands, you can safely and consciously choose an instrument that will be pleasant to play.

Landing and positioning of hands

Few people know: seating is of great importance in the performing arts and directly affects the quality of the game. The video shows the 3 main points of support for the position of the ukulele in the hands, the nature of the movements of the right and left hands when playing. After reviewing the lesson, novice musicians will learn how to correctly clamp the strings and extract a good sound.

How to learn to play the ukulele. Lesson for beginners

For students who own the guitar , mastering the ukulele will be much easier. You can understand the theory and learn how to play chords in a few minutes. The training video harmoniously combines music theory and everyday language. The musician offers an easy way to memorize the 14 basic chords (major and minor), shows the rules for tuning the instrument and performs the song in the Hawaiian style.

What are tabs and how to read them

Most often, people who play the guitar or ukulele do not know the rules for reading musical notation and use a simpler and alternative option. Tablature (tabs) is a way of recording songs and melodies using numbers. A detailed training analysis will teach you to navigate the fingerings and strings, write down and read melodies in two ways: chord and spread out (i.e. by strings).

Begin to play. Build, chords and fight

At the online lesson with Alexey Inshakov, beginners will learn how to tune the ukulele, learn how to correctly clamp the basic chords, be able to play with a fight and place accents in the game. The teacher will show you useful exercises for practicing chords, musical accents, and connecting strumming with chords. After watching the video, novice ukulele players will be able to play the instrument right away.

Quick learning to play

Быстрое обучение игре на укулеле (1 часть) | Уроки игры на Укулеле
The lessons on the Musician’s Hut channel teach the basics of the game and contain educational analyzes of songs and compositions. The ukulele has a different tuning than a guitar, and the chords are played differently. The author of the video shows how to tune the instrument using the application installed on the phone, analyzes a beautiful composition, shares tips on choosing strings and motivating videos.

Simple ringtones for beginners

Урок на укулеле самые простые мелодии, которые сыграет каждый!
The video will teach you how to play three simple short melodies that are available to those who have picked up a ukulele for the first time. You can master compositions from absolute zero without knowledge of notes and musical terms. At the end of the lesson, beginners will be able to play melodies on one, two and three strings. It will take less than 10 minutes to parse three popular melodies. Suitable for those who want to try playing the mini-guitar and want to decide on the choice of a musical instrument.

Hawaiian style of play

Как играть на укулеле эффектно! Гавайский стиль игры.
The master class demonstrates an interesting technique of playing the guitar and ukulele in Hawaiian style. Musical embellishment is suitable for any melody, giving the performance a brightness and a special effect. Hawaiian style can be learned in a short time and with a minimum margin of playing practice. The author makes a comparative demonstration of different styles of playing different instruments (including classical guitar).

Chords and Rhythms

The author of the training video guarantees that after watching the video, everyone will be able to play any tune on the ukulele. Basic chords and rhythm patterns are presented in an easy manner with clear graphic diagrams and detailed commentary. Each new movement is shown in fast and slow tempos. The musician constantly draws parallels with the guitar, helping guitarists to master the instrument faster.

How to play combat

The Guitar Skills lesson is all about learning rhythm. How to write rhythm with notes? How to read music notation and perform rhythmic pattern? In most cases, novice musicians have difficulty transferring musical rhythm from musical notation to the instrument. The lesson helps to develop inner ear and pumps the ability to fluently read the duration of notes.

Exercise for the left hand

The video lesson from the teacher of the St. Petersburg music studio contains a guitar-ukulele exercise for high-quality playing of chords. The lesson is aimed at vertical and horizontal stretching of the fingers of the left hand. Legato and vibrato develop flexibility, dexterity, strength and coordination of the fingers, helping to produce a clear, thick sound.

Ukulele course for beginners

Playing the ukulele is positive and beneficial. Today, few people own a funny instrument, so ukulele players always look charming among other musicians. You can play any melody on the mini-guitar: classical, rock, rap, pop, jazz.

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