Types of sports dances

Types of sports dances

Types of sports dancesSports dancing is a direction that involves the use of movements and elements in the appropriate rhythm and sequence to predetermined music. Sports dancing is very popular, and all thanks to its beauty, sensuality and originality.

Due to the popularity of sports dances, there are many styles. This article will talk about what types of sports dances exist and how they differ from each other.

Latin types of sports dances

This group of sports dances includes samba, rumba, and paso doble. It is noteworthy that all these dances are strikingly different from each other. For example, samba is characterized by a quick change of positions of both partners, as well as expression, passion, and activity of the hips. Samba is a compulsory dance in the Latin American program.

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Rumba is characterized by a more dramatic selection of music, the same activity, movement of the hips and a certain eroticism of movements. At the same time, initially the rubma itself was meant as a Cuban dance for cabarets and saloons. After rumba, it moved to the sports dance section, becoming part of the Latin American program.

Cha-cha-cha is also a sports dance that uses active movement of the hips, legs, and back. Some elements are not easy to perform, which is why experts recognize the cha-cha-cha as one of the most difficult types of Latin American style. The movement in this dance is fast, the musical size is 4/4, the tempo is 30 (120 beats) beats per minute.

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Modern types of sports dances

Types of sports dances are constantly changing and transforming in accordance with the emergence of new musical styles, rhythms and movements. That is why, now it is not classical ballroom dances such as rumba or waltz that are more popular, but modern dances based on the use of new, bright melodies, such as strip dance, tectonics, and break dance.

Strip dancing is a mixture of pole dancing and lap dancing with sports elements and classical movements. Strip dancing is a real art of seduction based on dance movements. Strip dancing classes are held in small groups with the participation of girls only.


By the way, now it is not the strip dance that is becoming increasingly popular, but the go-go dance, which is so common in clubs. Go-go is a fiery rhythm combined with complex movements and active hip work.

Breakdancing is a completely different type of dance with complex tricks that are performed both in a standing and lying position. These types of sports dances have become widespread due to the promotion of rap culture to the masses. Breakdancing includes complex, sometimes even acrobatic movements in combination with standard dance movements and rhythms.

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Each type of sports dance is unique and inimitable, but each of them truly makes you feel how the rhythm of movements influences modern human life.

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