Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha is a world-renowned manufacturer of musical instruments, including digital pianos. The range of models includes budget, mid-range and expensive pianos. They differ in technical characteristics and appearance, but all electric pianos are distinguished by the quality and richness of functions.

Our review will show the characteristics of the models.

history of the company

Yamaha was founded in 1887 by Thorakusu Yamaha, the son of a samurai. He repaired medical instruments, but one day a local school asked the craftsman to fix the harmonium. Interested in musical instruments, the entrepreneur founded a company in 1889, which for the first time in Japan began to produce organs and other musical instruments. Now the production of digital musical instruments takes 32% of the total production of the company.

Review and rating of Yamaha digital pianos

Budget models

Yamaha digital pianos of this group are distinguished by affordable cost, ease of operation and versatility. They are suitable for beginners as they are not overloaded with features.

Yamaha NP-32WH is a compact and portable model that you can take with you from home to the rehearsal room. Its difference from analogues is a realistic piano sound thanks to the AWM tone generator and stereo amplifier. The compact instrument sounds like a classic piano. Yamaha NP-32WH consists of 76 keys, includes a metronome, 10 timbres . There are 10 melodies for learning. A feature of the model is support for devices with the iOS operating system. The artist is provided with free applications developed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by Yamaha.

Price: about 30 thousand rubles.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

The Yamaha P-45 is a popular model due to its realistic sound and versatility. Its peculiarity is the GHS keyboard: the low keys are pressed harder than the high keys. AWM tone generator with reverb effect makes it sound like an acoustic piano. The weight of the Yamaha P-45 is 11.5 kg, the depth is 30 cm, and the piano is convenient to use, carry with you to performances. Suitable for beginners, the model can be controlled with a single GRAND PIANO/FUNCTION button. Pressing and holding it selects the desired sounds , plays demo tunes, tunes the metronome, and performs other functions.

Price: about 33 thousand rubles.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha white digital pianos

These musical instruments, included in the rating, are different in cost and functions, but they are united by an elegant appearance, sophistication of style and equally harmonious combination with the interior of a concert hall or home.

Yamaha YDP-164WH is a pale white model. Among its features are 192-voice polyphony , touch sensitivity modes, damper resonance , string resonance . There are samples that dampen the strings when the player releases the key. Yamaha YDP-164WH has 3 pedals – mute, sostenuto and damper. It should be chosen for a concert hall or a music class. The tool belongs to the middle price category.

Price: about 90 thousand.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha CLP-645WA – an instrument with keys covered in ivory. Its 88 keys are graduated like a grand piano; The hammer action provides the real sound of an acoustic piano. Yamaha CLP-645WA has 256-voice polyphony and 36 timbres . The richness of the digital library makes the instrument interesting for beginners – there are 350 melodies here, 19 of which demonstrate the sound of timbres , and 303 are pieces for learning. The model belongs to the premium class.

Price: about 150 thousand rubles.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha P-125WH is a tool that combines minimalism and compactness along with an affordable price. Its weight is 11.5 kg, so it can be worn to performances. The minimalist design is appropriate in a concert hall, home setting or music classroom. Yamaha P-125WH is a functional piano: it contains 192-note polyphony, 24 timbres . The GHS hammer action makes the bass keys more weighted and the treble less. Price: about 52 thousand.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Black Yamaha Digital Pianos

The dark tones of musical instruments are solidity, classics and elegant minimalism. Digital pianos from the Japanese brand Yamaha, regardless of price and functionality, look attractive in any interior.

Yamaha P-125B – model with 88 keys, 192- voice polyphony and 24 timbres. Its simple design and light weight of 11.5 kg make the Yamaha P-125B a portable piano. It is used for rehearsals, concert performances or home games. The convenience of the tool – setting the sensitivity of the keys to the touch force in 4 modes. Using the Yamaha P-125B is convenient for different performers, children or adults.

Price: about 52 thousand.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha YDP-164R – attracts with sophistication and stylish look. The Graded Hammer 3 keyboard , covered with synthetic ivory, attracts attention in the model . She has 3 sensors to adjust to the style of the musician’s performance. The sound of the instrument is identical to that of the flagship Yamaha CFX grand piano. The model is suitable for home performance: the IAC system automatically adjusts the volume so that when performing in any room, the frequencies are balanced. The piano supports the Smart Pianist app, which is a free download from the App Store. With it, rhythms, timbres and other parameters are displayed on the gadget screen . Price: about 90 thousand.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

The Yamaha P-515 is a premium digital piano featuring sounds from the flagship Bösendorfer Imperial and Yamaha CFX. It has 6 touch strength settings, 88 keys, 256-note polyphony and over 500 timbres . The NWX keyboard is crafted from high quality special wood with a faux ivory finish for white keys and ebony for black keys.

Price: about 130 thousand.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

The best models in terms of price-quality ratio

Yamaha NP-32WH – combines portability, high sound quality and compact size. There are no superfluous features, but those that are present provide the musician with the opportunity to achieve high-quality sound. The Yamaha NP-32WH contains both grand piano and electronic, electric piano tones . The weighted Graded Soft Touch keyboard is represented by lower and upper case keys of different weights : bass keys are heavier, upper keys are lighter. NoteStar, Metronome, Digital Piano Controller applications are compatible with the instrument. Price: about 30 thousand.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

The Yamaha YDP-164WA is an instrument that combines classic looks with modern functionality. The model belongs to the middle price segment, and its functions correspond to the price. Polyphony includes 192 notes; the number of keys is 88. The Graded Hammer 3 keyboard is covered with artificial ivory (white keys) and imitation ebony (black keys). There are 3 pedals, damper and string resonance , 4 speed sensitivity settings.

Price: about 88 thousand.

Overview of Yamaha Digital Pianos

Dear pianos

The Yamaha CLP-735 WH is a premium digital piano with exquisite design and rich features for the best playing experience. It has 88 keys with hammer action and return mechanism . 38 timbres of the model are recorded from the pianos of Chopin and Mozart. The instrument has 20 rhythms and realistic sound thanks to Grand Expression Modeling technology. To record melodies, a sequencer for 16 tracks is provided. The CLP-735 can be connected via the Smart Pianist app for iOS device owners. Comes with branded bench. Price: about 140 thousand rubles.

The Yamaha CSP150WH is a premium instrument with 88 dynamic full-size keys. The sensitivity of the keyboard is adjustable in 6 modes. The model uses the GH3X hammer action . The keyboard can be divided into 4 modes. The digital piano reproduces the aussizing effect. The CSP150WH features rich polyphony with 256 voices, 692 voices, and 470 accompaniment styles. A wide range of possibilities makes the tool professional. You can record 16 songs using the sequencer . The reverb has 58 presets. The built-in library has 403 songs. The CSP150WH provides learning opportunities and has 2 headphone outputs. Price: about 160 thousand rubles.

Yamaha CVP-809GP – the expressiveness of the sound of this instrument is almost equal to the sounds emanating from the flagship grand pianos. This is provided by the VRM tone generator, whose sounds are recorded from the Bösendorfer Imperial and Yamaha CFX grand pianos. Polyphony includes 256 notes; here is a record number of timbres – more than 1605! The accompaniment includes 675 styles. The 2 GB memory allows you to record melodies on a 16-track sequencer e. The model impresses with its versatility: it is suitable not only for professional performers, but also for beginner pianists. There are 50 classical pieces, 50 pop and 303 educational melodies. You can practice with headphones that have 2 outputs. Additionally, the instrument contains a microphoneinput and vocal harmonization effect. Price: about 0.8 million rubles.

How Yamaha Digital Pianos Differ

The manufacturer includes advanced technologies in the development. This gives Yamaha instruments the feeling of playing like an acoustic grand piano. The musician controls the sound through the presence of settings.

Advantages and disadvantages

Customer reviews say that Yamaha digital pianos have virtually no flaws. But among their advantages:

  1. A wide range of tools at budget, medium or high cost.
  2. Digital pianos for players of all skill levels, from children to professionals.
  3. The introduction of new products even in budget models.
  4. A variety of tools in design and dimensions.

Differences and comparison with competitors

Features of Yamaha digital pianos include:

  1. Sound realism.
  2. Keyboard quality.
  3. Purity timbre s.
  4. Wide dynamic range e.

The Yamaha electronic piano differs from analogues in that the sounds of the Bosendorfer flagship piano are taken as the basis for the sound.

Answers on questions

1. How are Yamaha digital pianos different?Piano sound, clean tone , keyboard quality.
2. Is it possible to choose budget models for training?Yes.
3. Which models are the best in terms of price and quality?Yamaha NP-32WH, Yamaha CSP150WH, Yamaha YDP-164WA.

Customer Reviews

Users speak positively about digital pianos. Basically, musicians tend to buy instruments of the middle price category. They note the convenience of the game, the high quality of the body, the power, the dynamic range , and the wide opportunities for learning.


The Yamaha electronic piano is a high-end instrument from a Japanese manufacturer. It excels in design, performance and innovation. Even budget models have a wide range of useful features.

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