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Roberto Alagna

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The creative fate of the most famous French tenor could be the subject of a novel. Roberto Alagna was born in the suburbs of Paris in a Sicilian family, where everyone sang without exception, and Roberto was considered not the most gifted. For several years he sang at night in Parisian cabarets, although at heart he remained a passionate admirer of the opera. A turning point in the fate of Alanya was the meeting with his idol Luciano Pavarotti and the victory at the Pavarotti Competition in Philadelphia. The world heard the voice of a real Italian tenor, which one can only dream of. Alagna received an invitation to perform the part of Alfred in La Traviata at the Glyndebourne Festival, and then at La Scala, conducted by Riccardo Muti. The leading opera stages of the world, from New York to Vienna and London, opened their doors to the singer.

Over a 30-year career, Roberto Alagna performed more than 60 parts – from Alfred, Manrico and Nemorino to Calaf, Radames, Othello, Rudolf, Don José and Werther. The role of Romeo deserves special mention, for which he received the Laurence Olivier theater award, rarely awarded to opera singers.

Alanya has recorded an extensive operatic repertoire, some of his discs have received the status of gold, platinum and double platinum. The singer has won many awards, including the prestigious Grammy Award.

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