How to tune a seven-string guitar
How to Tune

How to tune a seven-string guitar

In order for the instrument to produce high-quality and correct sounds, it is tuned before playing. The specifics of setting the correct tuning of a guitar with 7 strings does not differ from a similar process for a 6-string instrument, as well as tuning the tuning of a 7-string electric guitar.

The idea is to listen to a recording of a sample note on a tuner , a tuning fork, or on the 1st and 2nd strings, and adjust the sound of the notes by turning the pegs so that they produce the correct sounds.

Tuning a seven-string guitar

What will be required

One of the easiest ways to tune an instrument is by ear . For beginners, a portable or online tuner is suitable . With the help of such a program, which can be opened on any device with a microphone , you can tune the instrument anywhere. The portable tuner is also convenient to use: it is small and easy to transport. It is a device on the screen of which there is a scale. When a string sounds, the device determines the accuracy of the sound: when the string is pulled, the scale deviates to the right, and when it is not stretched, it deviates to the left.

How to tune a seven-string guitar

Tuning is done using a tuning fork – a portable device that reproduces the sound of the desired height. The standard tuning fork has a sound “la” of the first octave of frequency 440 Hz . To tune the guitar, a tuning fork with “mi” is recommended – the sample sound for the 1st string. First, the musician tunes the 1st string according to the tuning fork, and then adjusts the rest to its sound.

Tuner for tuning

To tune a seven-string guitar at home, use an online tuner . This is a special program that uses a microphone to determine the tone of each note. With its help, you can determine whether the tool is configured correctly. To use the tuner , any device with a microphone is enough – a desktop computer, phone, laptop or tablet.

If the guitar is severely out of tune, the defect is corrected by a sound guitar tuner . It will help you tune the instrument by ear, so that later you can fine-tune it with the help of a microphone .

Smartphone tuner apps

For Android:

For iOS:

Step by step plan

Tuning by tuner

To tune a guitar with a tuner, you need:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Touch the string.
  3. The tuner will display the result.
  4. Loosen or tighten the string to get the desired sound.

To tune a 7 string guitar using an online tuner , you need:

  1. Connect a microphone .
  2. Allow the tuner to access sound.
  3. Play one note on the instrument and look at the image that will appear on the tuner e. It will display the name of the note you heard and show the accuracy of the tuning. When the string is overstretched, the scale tilts to the right; if it is not stretched, it tilts to the left.
  4. In case of deviations, lower the string or tighten it with a peg.
  5. Play the note again. When the string is properly tuned, the scale will turn green.

The remaining 6 strings are tuned in this way.

Tuning with 1st and 2nd strings

To align the system along the 1st string, it is left open – that is, they are not clamped on the frets , but simply pulled, reproducing a clear sound. The 2nd is pressed on the 5th fret and they achieve consonance with the 1st open string. The next order is:

3rd – at the 4th fret , consonant with the open 2nd;

4th – at the 5th fret , consonant with the open 3rd;

5th – on the 5th fret , sounds in unison with the 4th open;

6th – on the 5th fret , sounds in unison with the 5th open.

How to tune a seven-string guitar

Possible errors and nuances

When the tuning of a seven-string guitar is completed, you need to play all the strings in reverse order to check the sound. The guitar neck has an overall tension that changes as the tension of an individual string changes.

Therefore, if one string is tuned, and the remaining 6 are understretched, then the first string will sound different from the rest.

Features of tuning a seven-string guitar

Setting the correct tuning of the instrument by the tuner depends on the quality of the microphone a, which transmits signals, its acoustic properties. When setting up, you need to make sure that there are no extraneous noises around. If the microphone a has problems, tuning by ear will save the situation. To do this, there are files with sounds on special sites. They are turned on and the guitar strings are tuned in unison .

The advantage of a tuner is that with its help even a deaf person can restore the order of a 7-string guitar. If the device or program indicates that the first string is overstretched, it is recommended to loosen it more than necessary. Next, the string is tuned to the required height by pulling, so that in the end it keeps the system better.

Answers to frequently asked questions from readers

1. What guitar tuning apps are there?GuitarTuna: Guitar tuner by Yousician Ltd; Fender Tune – Guitar Tuner from Fender Digital. All programs are available for download on Google Play or the App Store.
2. How to tune a seven-string guitar so that it detunes more slowly?The coils at the ends of the strings should be pressed with pegs and be fixed in the form of spirals.
3. How to achieve clearer sound when tuning?It is worth using a mediator , not your fingers.
4. What is the most difficult way to tune a guitar?By flags. It is suitable for experienced musicians, as you need to have an ear and be able to play harmonics.
Perfect Guitar Tuner (7 String Standard = B E A D G B E)

Summing up

Tuning a seven-string instrument is done in the same way as for guitars with a different number of strings. The simplest is to restore the system by ear. Tuners are also used – hardware and online. The latter option is convenient, but requires a high-quality microphone that correctly transmits sounds. An easy way is to tune with the 1st and 2nd strings. Professional musicians use the harmonic tuning method. It is complex because it requires knowledge and skill.

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