How to learn to play the Violin
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How to learn to play the Violin

Quite a few adults confess their childhood dream of becoming a great violinist. However, for certain reasons, the dream never came true. Most music schools and teachers are convinced that it is too late to start teaching as an adult. In the material of the article, we will talk about whether it is possible for an adult to learn to play the violin and what difficulties you may encounter if you want to start doing it.How to learn to play the violin

Is it possible to learn to play the violin

You won’t be able to master this instrument by sitting at home and completing tasks from tutorials, since musicians usually rate it as rather complicated. How to quickly learn to play the violin? Learning the basics of the game can take a lot of patience and perseverance. In the arsenal of every musician, you can find many effective examples of sound production.

Is it possible to learn to play the violin at any age? Of course, this process is much easier for children, but if you have a strong desire and focus, then even an adult can master it.

How to play the violin for beginners

Before you start mastering the skill, you need to purchase a tool. It is better to buy it in a specialized store. When choosing, pay attention to the size.

What size instrument is needed depends on the length of the musician’s hand, that is, in general, height matters. As a rule, a person’s height depends on his age. For adults, four quarters is the best size. The rest are usually smaller. In any case, fitting and checking how it sounds on the spot is required.

It is not easy to find a high-quality instrument, there is a high probability of stumbling upon a bad-sounding specimen. When choosing a model, it is better to be guided by the opinion of people experienced in this matter, you can contact our Fmusic School, and the teachers will carefully select the instrument that suits you. You can also buy it from us.

You should start acquaintance with the tool with its settings, because this action must be carried out regularly and it should not take much time. Tuning a violin is a little more difficult than tuning a guitar.

Before starting to play music, you need to tighten the bow and treat it with rosin. Then use a tuning fork to tune the strings to the desired notes. Well, then you can already comprehend how to learn to play the violin and start practicing.

Mastering a musical instrument consists of the following steps:

  1. Learning how to hold the bow correctly. We take a cane and place the index finger on the winding. A slightly bent little finger is placed on the flat part of the cane. The tips of the little finger, ring finger and middle finger should be at the same level. The thumb is placed on the back of the bow opposite the block. Hold the cane with slightly relaxed fingers. So that the palms do not touch the bow.
  2. How to play the violin for beginners Of course, you first need to take a violin. On a musical instrument, you can practice in a position not only sitting, but also standing. The violin is taken by the neck with the left hand and placed against the neck. It is positioned in such a way that the lower deck touches the collarbone and is supported by the lower jaw, and not by the chin. This position will prevent the tool from slipping off the shoulder.
  3. We reproduce the first sounds. The bow is placed between two parts of the instrument: the stand and the fretboard. Then, lightly pressing, they begin to draw along the strings. Now you can try to tilt the bow at an angle of 45  to the stand. When the strings are pressed hard, a loud sound is produced. If you overdo it, you can hear an unpleasant noise. When the bow is deflected towards the neck, a clear sound is produced.
  4. We play music on open strings. These include strings that are not pinched with fingers during playing. Take the neck of the violin and hold it with the index finger, as well as with the thumb of the left hand. And the wrist and shoulder of the right hand should be in the same plane. In order to change the string, you need to shift the angle of the bow. Then you can try to play by moving the bow quickly or slowly. In order to control your movements well, you need to practice on one string.

After mastering the basics, you can safely begin to increase the complexity of the exercises. You can start training from 15 minutes, gradually increasing the time to sixty minutes, or even more, per day. Each person has the right to practice as much time as he sees fit. Many beginners are interested in how much it costs to learn how to play the violin .  It is not possible to give an exact answer, because it all depends on the individual. If a person began to practice this musical instrument, then he continues to study all his life.

Can an adult learn to play the violin?

Some people are deeply convinced that  it is impossible for an adult to learn to play the violin from scratch  . In fact, we hasten to assure you that age is not such an insurmountable obstacle on the way to a dream. Every person with an ear for music can successfully master the basics of playing music on an instrument.

And hearing, in turn, can be developed, even if you think that there are no prerequisites for this.

In fact, absolutely anyone can become a musician.

Is it difficult for an adult to learn to play the violin, you ask? Of course, it is much easier for a child to master a musical instrument. After all, children due to organic features have a high predisposition to learning. Older people have less predisposition to learning, memorizing, developing certain skills. Because of this, much more time and labor are needed to achieve the goal.

Before deciding to start training, you need to familiarize yourself with the main features of the process:

  1. The anatomical and physiological features of the child’s body allow you to quickly get used to new postures and movements. As people get older, it becomes harder to learn new skills.
  2. In children, the consolidation of new skills occurs much faster than in adults. Adults have to spend much more time and effort on mastering a new activity.
  3. Children have reduced critical thinking, so they do not always adequately assess the situation. And adults, on the contrary, can adequately assess their mistakes and achievements.

Thus, at any age, you can learn the violin. The motivation of the learning process in adults will be able to compensate for the shortcomings that are associated with the age of the student.

How to learn to play the violin from scratch

Everyone at least once in their life heard the performance of classical violin works. The violin is a unique melodic instrument. If you are serious about mastering it, then remember that this path is quite difficult and the speed of learning will depend on the degree of your diligence. The best option, of course, would be if you take it with a personal teacher. Here at Fmusic you will find a professional teacher to your liking. He will be able to create the most effective training plan and achieve the level of play that is required.

Where to start and how to learn to play the violin from scratch? Ideally, you need to master solfeggio and music theory. The latter contributes to the development of musical ear. It is necessary to practice intonation according to notes several times a week. This approach will make reading solfeggio music notes a fairly easy task for you.

Knowing the notes will greatly improve your playing. However, if you decide not to spend time studying this subject, the teacher will not insist. This is what distinguishes us from classical music schools. Studying only what the student wants is a guarantee of receiving positive emotions from classes. Also, if you realize that playing the violin no longer appeals to you, we can offer other interesting courses. Take guitar or piano lessons, for example.

Violin Features for Beginners

It will be quite problematic to master the violin on your own. Given the high level of complexity of the bowed instrument, a tutorial will not be enough.

An important moment before the start of studies is the choice of a violin. The size of the instrument should correspond to the length of the musician’s hand. Adults tend to prefer the four-quarter size. Before purchasing, it is best to consult with professionals.

In order to learn how to play, one cannot do without studying the features of the settings, despite the complexity of the procedure. In order for the violin to sound correctly, the bow should be treated with rosin. The strings are tuned to the desired notes by using a tuning fork.

It is necessary to master a musical instrument consistently so as not to miss important points:

  • A lot depends on the correct handling of the bow. It must be held with a relaxed hand, while avoiding contact with the palm. The index finger must be placed on the winding, the little finger bent and fixed on a flat section of the cane. The tip of the ring finger and little finger should be parallel, while the thumb should be opposite the block on the other side of the bow;
  • in order to start playing a melody, you can either stand or sit. Taking the instrument by the neck in the left hand, and placing it against the neck, it is necessary to observe the contact of the lower deck with the collarbone, the instrument must be supported by the lower jaw. A properly fixed violin will not slip;
  • placing the bow between the fretboard and the stand, lightly pressing on the strings, you can start playing sounds. The angle of the bow can be adjusted by tilting it 45 degrees. The volume of the sound depends on the force of pressure;
  • You can change the strings by shifting the angle of the bow. Playing on one string will help hone your skills.

It is best to conduct lessons under the supervision of a competent specialist. The result depends on the abilities of each individual.

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