E7 chord on guitar
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E7 chord on guitar

In this article, we will analyze how the E7 chord is played, where it is used, and why it is needed in general. First, of course, let’s see his fingering (how it looks).

E7 chord fingering

What does an E7 chord look like on a guitar? In other words: what is the fingering of the E7 chord?

look at the picture

E7 chord on guitar

Usually chords have several options for setting – and for this chord you can find other ways. Honestly, I have never used them and can not give advice.

This chord is NOT popular. It is rarely used anywhere and I did not know about its existence for a long, long time. Now in the game I do not use.

How to put (clamp) an E7 chord

The main question of this article is how to put (clamp) an E7 chord on a guitar? Yes, very simple.

this is what it looks like:

E7 chord on guitar

In this way, you just need to know how the E chord is clamped – and we can supply E7. This should be obvious, because there is no point in learning the E7 chord if you don’t know the E chord. Thus, by adding just one finger to an already existing chord, we get a new one.

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