Daniil Yurievich Tyulin (Tyulin, Daniil) |

Daniil Yurievich Tyulin (Tyulin, Daniil) |

Tyulin, Daniel

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The island of freedom… Revolutionary renewal affected all aspects of life after the establishment of people’s power in Cuba. Much has already been done for the development of national culture, including professional music. And in this area the Soviet Union, true to its internationalist duty, is helping distant friends from the Western Hemisphere. Many of our musicians have visited Cuba, and since October 1966, conductor Daniil Tyulin has led the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra and conducted a conducting class in Havana. He did a lot for the creative growth of the team. He was helped by the experience he had accumulated over the years of independent work with a number of Soviet orchestras.

After studying at the Ten-Year School of Music at the Leningrad Conservatory, Tyulin graduated from the Higher School of Military Kapellmasters (1946) and until 1948 served as a military conductor in Leningrad and Tallinn. After demobilization, Tyulin studied with I. Musin at the Leningrad Conservatory (1948-1951), then worked at the Rostov Philharmonic (1951-1952), was an assistant conductor at the Leningrad Philharmonic (1952-1954), led the symphony orchestra in Gorky (1954-1956 ). Then he prepared in Nalchik the musical part of the decade of art and literature of the Kabardino-Balkarian ASSR in Moscow. In the graduate school of the Moscow Conservatory, Leo Ginzburg (1958-1961) was its leader. The further creative activity of the musician is connected with the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Orchestra (1961-1963) and the Kislovodsk Symphony Orchestra (1963-1966; chief conductor). At the II All-Union Competition of Conductors (1966) he was awarded the second prize. Commenting on this event, M. Paverman wrote in the Musical Life magazine: “Tyulin is distinguished by a good understanding of music, the ability to navigate various styles, and professionalism in working with the orchestra.”

L. Grigoriev, J. Platek, 1969

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