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German Concertmeister; English leader, French violon solo

1) First violinist of the orchestra; sometimes replaces the conductor. It is the responsibility of the accompanist to check that all instruments in the orchestra are in the correct tuning. In string ensembles, the accompanist is usually the artistic and musical director.

2) The musician who leads each of the groups of string instruments of an opera or symphony orchestra.

3) A pianist who helps performers (singers, instrumentalists, ballet dancers) learn parts and accompanies them in concerts. In Russia, secondary and higher musical educational institutions have accompanist classes, in which students learn the art of accompaniment and, after passing the exam, receive the qualification of an accompanist.

This concept is associated with two performing roles. The first refers to the symphony orchestra. The string parts in the orchestra are represented by many performers. And despite the fact that each orchestra member looks at the conductor and obeys his gestures, there are musicians in string groups who lead them, lead them. In addition to the fact that violinists, violists and cellists follow their accompanists during their performance, it is also the responsibility of the accompanist to monitor the correct order of the instruments and the accuracy of the strokes. A similar function is performed by the leaders of wind groups – regulators.

Accompanists are also called accompanists, who not only perform with singers and instrumentalists, but also help them learn their parts, work with opera artists, help in staging a ballet performance, performing the part of the orchestra during rehearsals.

However, not every musician who accompanies a singer or instrumentalist is just an accompanist. Great musicians often take up this task, especially when performing such works in which the piano part is very developed and the ensemble acquires the character of an equal duet. Svyatoslav Richter often acted as such an accompanist.

M. G. Rytsareva

In the photo: Svyatoslav Richter and Nina Dorliak at a concert dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the death of Franz Schubert, 1953 (Mikhail Ozersky / RIA Novosti)

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