Arpeggio (Arpeggiato)
Music Theory

Arpeggio (Arpeggiato)

This performance technique consists in a very fast successive performance of chord sounds. As a rule, sounds are played sequentially from the bottom to the top.


Arpeggio is indicated by a vertical wavy line before the chord to be played using this technique. It is performed due to the duration of the chord.


Arpeggio notation

Figure 1. Arpeggio example

Arpeggio (more precisely, arpeggio) is a way of playing chords, in which sounds are not extracted simultaneously, but one after another in quick succession (mostly from lower to upper).

The word “arpeggio” comes from the Italian arpeggio – “as on a harp” (arpa – harp). In addition to the harp, the arpeggio is used when playing the piano and other musical instruments. In sheet music, this technique is indicated by the word arpeggio,

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