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Italian, lit. – sustained, as well as restrained, concentrated; abbr. — sost.

Performed designation. Indicates that each sound is kept at the same volume level (without fading out) until it ends. S. prevents haste and therefore usually implies a moderate tempo (Roso sostenuto at the beginning of Beethoven’s 7th symphony and Brahms’ 1st symphony). However, at the beginning of P. I. Tchaikovsky’s 4th symphony, the designation sostenuto indicates primarily the length of sounds, not the “fanfare” nature of the performance. In cases where the term “S.” combined with the designation of tempo, ch. arr. moderate, eg. andante sostenuto, as a rule, means a certain swarm will complement. slowdown. The term “S.” (without additional designations) is also used in sections of music. prod., where the tempo in most cases not only does not slow down, but even accelerates somewhat (symphony by S. Frank, part 1, bars 129 and 419 in the violin part, 317-18 in the trombone part).

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