Music Theory


This technique consists in a short, abrupt performance of sounds.

Indicated by a staccato dot above the note head: Staccato notationor below the note head: Staccato notation.


Staccato example

Figure 1. An example of a staccato

On the guitar, staccato is performed by muting the strings with either the right hand or the left. When staccato with the left hand, the strings are released (weaken the pressure on the strings), thereby interrupting their sound. When staccato with the right hand, the strings are muted either with the palm of the hand or with the fingers that produced the sound. For example, if a chord is plucked, then all the participating fingers of the right hand are again lowered onto the strings, thereby interrupting the sound.


This technique consists in an extremely abrupt, “sharp” performance of staccato. Indicated by a triangle above the note:Staccatissimo

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