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Range (from Greek dia pason (xordon) – through all (strings)).

1) In ancient Greek musical theory – the name of the octave as a consonant interval.

2) In England, the name of some registers of the labial tubes of an organ.

3) The model according to which organ pipes are made, holes are cut in a woodwind instrument.

4) In France – the scale of a wind instrument or organ pipe, as well as a tone used to tune instruments.

5) The sound volume of a voice or instrument. Determined by the interval between the lowest and highest sounds that can be produced by a given voice or extracted on a given instrument. Not only the size of this interval matters, but also its absolute altitude position.

6) The sound volume of a musical work or one of its parties to determine the instrument or voice. At the beginning of songs and romances, the range of their vocal parts is often indicated, which allows the singer to immediately see how this work corresponds to his vocal abilities.

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