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nope phrasing

The division of the musical fabric into phrases.

The term “F.”, like the term articulation, is borrowed from linguistics. P. refers to the field of music. forms, therefore, unlike articulation, it, as a rule, is single in each case, determined by the logic of the development of the muses of thought. The implementation of F. is carried out in the process of live performance. One of its most important means is articulation. The boundary between two phrases caesura. The intervals separated by a caesura are not perceived as expressive. elements, so they are called dead intervals. Often phrases are separated by a pause that coincides with the caesura and deepens it. Because yambic. meters in music are as common as choreic, the beginning of phrases often does not coincide with the bar line. In musical notation, P. is indicated with the help of phrasing slurs, which should be strictly distinguished from articulatory slurs. See also Phrase.

References: Keller H., Phrasing and Articulation, Kassel – Basel, 1955.

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