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Subsystem (“subsystem”) – a peripheral ladotonal cell, which is part of the tonality as a general system. It is characterized by the manifestation of local tonal functions (see Variable functions) in diatonic. connections (eg, in major turnover VI – II, similar to D – T) or in chromatic. (for example, turnover VI – II as a deviation in the II stage). Examples of S. are fragments of the chorus “Glory to the Red Sun” from the opera “Prince Igor” by Borodin, bars 3-4 (diatonic. S.), the main theme from the 2nd part of Rachmaninov’s “Symphonic Dances”, bar 2 (chromatic. C .). The term “S.” proposed by I. V. Sposobin.

References: Sposobin I. V., Lectures on the course of harmony, M., 1969.

Yu. N. Kholopov

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