How to instill a musical taste in a child?

How to instill a musical taste in a child?

Music is a reflection of a person’s inner world, and therefore, as different as people are, music in the modern world is so diverse. But true music, in my opinion, can be called that which awakens pure and sincere feelings in a person.

How to instill a musical taste in a child?

The ability to choose from hundreds of thousands of works just such music, filled with meaning and feelings, is called good musical taste. Whether a person has it largely depends on the upbringing of his parents. And if you are thinking about how to instill good musical taste in your child, then this article is for you.

Preschool music education

If you want your child to be a connoisseur of good music, start introducing your child to music during pregnancy. Scientists have proven that children perceive music while in their mother’s belly – listen to your favorite music, folk melodies, jazz, classics, this will have a beneficial effect on your baby. The main thing is that there is no aggressive rhythm.

Solveig's Song /HQ/ - Mirusia Louwerse, Andre Rieu

A child’s special aesthetic taste is formed before the age of three, so it is very important to lay the foundations of musical education during this period. You can play various musical fairy tales for your child. Children’s music books will also have a positive impact on the formation of musical taste. They contain the most famous pieces of music, sounds of nature, and the voices of your favorite characters. Such literature contributes to the diversified development of the child.

When your child grows up and learns to speak, you can purchase karaoke books. While playing with them, your child can try his hand at singing his favorite songs.

But it’s not enough to just turn on music for your child and listen to it with him; analyze the music you listen to and talk to your child about it. It is important to convey the entire meaning that was intended by the author.

Your child is a schoolboy or schoolgirl

The younger generation will benefit from a music school. There, teachers open up a whole world for children that is not accessible to everyone. The acquired skills will allow the child in the present and future life to distinguish “musical fakes” from music that is designed to excite hearts, no matter what genre it was written in.

Children’s album by Tchaikovsky, Italian Polka by Rachmaninov, Dance of the Dolls by Shostakovich… These and many other classics are truly good music.

С.В. Рахманинов "Итальянская полька"

If your child is unable to perform one of these works, help your child. If you can’t do it with deeds, help with words – cheer him up.

If a child does not understand the meaning of classical music, try to delve into the content yourself and sort it out with the child. Remember, family support is the key to success in any case.

And for good musical taste, not only musical, but also general education is important. After all, it is much easier for an educated person to distinguish good from bad, high-quality from low-quality, be it music or something else.

Family and Music

Attend various musicals, ballets, concerts at the Philharmonic and in the theater with your children. Attending a music event together will bring both the family and your child’s relationship with music closer together.

What better way to help instill a musical taste in a child than a parental example? Don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t have a craving for good music if you yourself are a fan of strange, meaningless songs with a simple rhythm.

If you see that his interests do not carry anything positive, then you should tell your child “no” a couple of times and explain why, then over time he will understand his mistakes. For example, there are often people who very much regret that they once left music school, but for myself I can say that I am very grateful to my mother that in the third grade she did not allow me to quit music classes.

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