Funny musical games for adults are the highlight of the holiday for any company!

Music always and everywhere accompanies us, reflecting our mood like no other form of art. There are few people who do not at least mentally hum their favorite melodies.

It is impossible to imagine a holiday without music. Of course, competitions that require encyclopedic knowledge and musical education are not suitable for an ordinary group of fun-loving friends, relatives, or colleagues: why put someone in an awkward position? Musical games for adults should be fun, relaxed, and focused solely on the love of singing and music.

National music game karaoke

In recent decades, the musical entertainment of karaoke has truly become popular. In a holiday park, on the coast, in a square on a fair day, at a birthday party, at a wedding, a microphone and a ticker screen attract crowds of people who want to try their hand at singing, support performers or just have fun. There are even television projects in which all interested passersby are invited to participate.

Guess the melody

At corporate parties, men and women willingly participate in the game, which also became popular thanks to the famous TV show “Guess the Melody.” Two participants or two teams tell the presenter how many first notes they can guess the famous melody from. If players manage to do this, they receive points. If the melody is not guessed from the first three to five notes (I must say that three is not enough even for an expert), the opponent makes his bid.

The round lasts until the melody is called or until 10-12 notes, when the presenter, having not received an answer, calls the piece himself. Then it is performed by backing players or professional vocalists, which decorates the event.

A simpler version of the game is to guess the artist or name the musical group. To do this, the toastmaster selects fragments of not the most famous hits. The age of the participants must be taken into account. Those who are 30-40 are not interested in the music of teenagers, just as they will not know the songs of the 60s and 70s.

Musical casino

4-5 players are invited to participate. The equipment you will need is the familiar top with an arrow, as in “What? Where? When?”, and a table with sectors for tasks. Tasks are two or three clues contained in thesis or questions that will help players guess the name of the singer.

The trick is that the questions should not be too serious, rather humorous. For example:

If the player guesses correctly, a section of the song is played. The winner will be rewarded with the right to order the next musical composition of the evening.

Song in pantomime

One of the players must exclusively use gestures to depict the content of some lines of the song. His teammates must guess what kind of song the “suffering” one is trying to “voice” with their pantomime. In order to “make fun” of the wriggling pantomime performer, you can persuade the guessing participants in advance not to name the correct answer under any circumstances, but to, on the contrary, simplify the task, you can simply say the name of the artist or musical group. Two or three teams play, 2 songs are offered for each team. The reward for winning is the honorable right to sing karaoke together.

Musical games for adults at the table

Musical table games for adults keep an audience as long as it’s interesting. Therefore, to the famous competition “Who will outsing whom” you need to be creative. These should not just be songs whose lyrics contain female or male names, names of flowers, dishes, cities…

It’s more interesting when the toastmaster suggests the beginning: “What!..” The players sing “Why are you standing, swaying, thin rowan tree…” or another song with such a word at the beginning. Meanwhile, the maestro, as if by chance, can play several notes from different songs – sometimes this hint helps to avoid unwanted pauses.

By the way, a video example of such a game is a scene of a wolf with a choir of bunny boys from the famous series of cartoons “Well, wait a minute!” Let’s look and be moved!

Хор мальчиков зайчиков (Ну погоди выпуск 15)

Another fun music game just for fun is “Add-ons”. The toastmaster offers everyone a familiar song. While he explains the conditions, this melody plays quietly. While performing the song, the participants add funny phrases at the end of each line, for example, “with socks”, “without socks”, alternating them. (With a tail, without a tail, under the table, on the table, under a pine tree, on a pine tree…). It will turn out like this: “In the field there was a birch tree… in socks. The curly-haired woman stood in the field… without socks…” You can invite one team to prepare phrases for “adding”, and the other to choose a song and then sing together.

Musical games for adult parties are good because they quickly lift the mood of the whole group and help you relax, leaving behind only pleasant emotions and vivid impressions of a great holiday spent in the company of friends.

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