Frederick (Fritz) Cohen (Cohen, Frederick) |

Frederick (Fritz) Cohen (Cohen, Frederick) |

Cohen, Frederick

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Born in 1904 in Bonn. German composer. He graduated from the conservatory in Frankfurt am Main. From 1924 he worked as an accompanist in various ballet companies. In 1932-1942. directed the musical part of the K. Joss troupe, for which he wrote most of the ballets. After World War II he lived in the USA and taught at various American universities.

He is the author of ballets: Ball in Old Vienna (arrangement of melodies by J. Lanner, 1932), Seven Heroes (on themes by G. Purcell, 1933), Mirror and Johann Strauss (both on themes by J. Strauss , 1935), “Spring Tale” (1939), “Prodigal Son”, “Drums Beat in Haken-Zack”.

He is best known for his anti-fascist ballet The Green Table (1932). It was first shown at the festival-competition of European choreographers in Paris in 1932, where it received the first prize.

Frederick Cohen died on March 9, 1967 in New York.

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