Choosing a bass guitar
How to Choose

Choosing a bass guitar

When choosing a bass guitar, you need to be guided, first of all, by its purpose. That is, for what purposes it will be used:

– for playing at home,

– for playing jazz or blues compositions,

– for heavy rock music.

You should also take into account the complexity of the pieces being performed, since the bass guitar can be with four strings, five, six or more. The physiology of the performer also matters: gender, weight category, height and, more importantly, the size of the hand and the fret of the oni , fingers.

Choosing a bass guitar


So, for example, a 6-string guitar is suitable for male players with outstanding physical abilities, since the width of the neck can reach 10 cm at the soundboard. The price of a bass guitar varies depending on the manufacturer, the number of strings, the materials used, the type of neck attachment , and the shape.

Yamaha guitars are more of a classic version and can satisfy the needs of any musician in terms of price and quality. Fender bass models are legendary, they are better for playing melodic jazz -type music , the price category of these guitars is usually higher because you have to pay for the brand. But guitars “BC Rich” and “Ibanez” are famous for their variety of shapes and hard metal sound, so they are more suitable for playing hard rock.

As for the essence of guitars, this is the material from which the guitar is made, through or screwed neck , the number and quality of pickups. So guitars made of hard and heavy woods, such as ash or mahogany (also called mahogany) have a high degree of sound reflection, which gives them a harsher sound.

It is believed that the body of a good guitar should be made from one piece of wood, and not be glued. A lot of splicing when playing can lead to an unnatural sound when one, two or more notes are out of tune. Guitars made from medium-density woods such as maple or alder, as well as soft woods such as linden or swamp ash, are in great demand due to the lightness and depth of the sound of the music played.


Choosing a bass guitar


I must say that most of the musicians use guitars made of medium-density wood species. Gibson guitars, for example, are deliberately made from different types of wood. Mahogany is taken for the lower part of the soundboard, and the upper part of the soundboard is made from maple or alder. Thus, a unique guitar sound is achieved.

When answering the question of where to buy a guitar, you need to take into account the level of your own awareness. Experienced musicians who are well versed in all the intricacies of bass guitar production prefer to order guitars over the Internet so as not to overpay. Beginners, on the other hand, prefer shops with consultants, where they can hold the instrument in their hands and play it, having received advice from the sellers.

You need to pay attention to the sensors or pickups, as they are called. There is a single – a pickup that produces the upper sound range and a humbucker – a pickup with two coils, which mainly produces bass notes at the output. The price and quality of sensors are directly related. Based on the foregoing, when choosing bass guitars, all points should be taken into account, paying attention to the little things.

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