Baritone saxophone: description, history, composition, sound

Baritone saxophone: description, history, composition, sound

Saxophones have been known for over 150 years. Their relevance has not disappeared with time: today they are still in demand in the world. Jazz and blues cannot do without the saxophone, which symbolizes this music, but it is also found in other directions. This article will focus on the baritone saxophone, which is used in various musical genres, but is most popular in the jazz genre.

Description of the musical instrument

Baritone saxophone has a very low sound, large size. It belongs to the reed wind musical instruments and has a system that is lower by an octave than that of the alto saxophone. The sound range is 2,5 octaves. The lower and middle registers of this saxophone sound rather loud, while the upper registers are limited and compressed.

Baritone saxophone: description, history, composition, sound

Playing the baritone saxophone is accompanied by a deep, elegant, expressive sound. However, it requires a lot of effort from a person: it is quite difficult to control the flow of air during the performance of works.

Baritone-saxophone arrangement

The components of the instrument include: a bell, an esca (a thin tube that is a continuation of the body), the body itself. Esca is the place of attachment of the mouthpiece, to which, in turn, the tongue is attached.

The baritone saxophone has regular keys. In addition to them, there are enlarged keys that serve to extract very low sounds. The case has a small support for the first finger, a special ring that allows you to hold a rather bulky tool.

Baritone saxophone: description, history, composition, sound

Using the tool

This type of saxophone is used in various styles of music. Its main application is jazz, music for the marches of the armed forces, the academic genre. It is also successfully used in classical orchestras, saxophonist quartets: bass, solo parts are performed.

One of the most famous saxophonists who played this instrument is Gerry Mulligan. Many people were inspired by his playing, which increased the popularity of the baritone saxophone. He is also known as one of the founders of a new style in jazz music – cool jazz.

In the art of music, the baritone saxophone is a rather specific instrument. The high price and bulky size harm its popularity. Having a number of shortcomings, it is still in demand among many musicians. Its characteristic sound lends elegance and sophistication to each piece.

"Chameleon" Herbie Hancock, На Баритон саксофоне, саксофонист Иван Головкин

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