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André Campra |

Andre Campra

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Born December 4, 1660 in Aix-en-Provence. French composer.

He worked as a church conductor in Toulon, Toulouse and Paris. From 1730 he headed the Royal Academy of Music. There is a strong Italian influence in Campra’s work. He was one of the first to introduce folk songs and dances into his compositions, paying special attention to their subtle rhythmic development. Author of “lyrical tragedies” and opera-ballets (43 in total, all staged at the Royal Academy of Music): “Gallant Europe” (1696), “Carnival of Venice” (1699), “Aretuza, or the Revenge of Cupid” (1701), “Muses “(1703), “Triumph of Love” (reworking of the opera-ballet of the same name by Lully, 1705), “Venetian festivities” (1710), “The Love of Mars and Venus” (1712), “Century” (1718), – as well as ballets ” The Fate of the New Age (1700), Ballet of the Wreaths (choreographer Fromand, 1722; both staged at the College Louis le Grand, Paris) and Ballet presented in Lyon before the Marquis d’Arlencourt (1718).

In the XX century. The Venetian Celebrations (1970), Gallant Europe (1972), and Venice Carnival were presented to the audience. The ballet “Kampra’s Garland” (1966) was staged to the music of Campra.

Andre Campra died on June 29, 1744 in Versailles.

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