Music Terms – M
Music Terms

Music Terms – M

Ma (It. Ma) – but, for example, allegro ma non troppo (Allegro ma non troppo) – soon, but not too much
Macabre (French Macabre, English Macabre), Macabro (It. Macabro) – funerary, gloomy
Machtvoll ( German mahtfol) – powerfully
Madison (English Madison) – modern dance
Madrigal (French madrigal), Madrigale (It. Madrigale) – madrigal
Madrigale concertato (It. Madrigale concertato) – madrigal with basso continuo (16-17 centuries)
Madrigalesco (it. madrigalesco) – in the style of madrigal
Maestà (it. maesta) – greatness; con maestà (con maesta), Maestoso(maestoso) – majestic, majestic, solemn
Maestrevole (it. maestrevole) – masterfully
Maestria (maestria) – skill
Maestro (it. maestro) – teacher, composer, conductor
Maestro di cappella (it. maestro di cappella) – conductor of the chapel (choir , orc.)
Maggiolata (it. majolata) – May song
Maggiore (it. major) – 1) major, major; 2) a large interval, for example, a major third, etc.
Magical (English magic), Magico (It. Magic), Magique (French magic) – magical, magic
Magister (lat. Master) – master
Magister artium(master artium) – master of arts
Magnanimità (it. manyanimita) – generosity; con magnanimità (con magnanimita), Magnanimo (manianimo) – magnanimously
Magnificamente (it. manifikamente), Magnificent (eng. magnifist), con magnificenza (it. con magnificenta), Magnifico (manifiko), Magnifiquejnent (fr. manifikman) – great, magnificent, majestic
Magnificenza (it. Manifichentsa) – splendor, pomp, grandeur
Magnificat (lat. Magnificat) – “Let it be exalted” – one of the chants of the Catholic Church
Maillet(French Maye) – 1) mallet for percussion instruments; 2 ) the hammer at the piano Mailloche
( French Mayoche ) – the beater for the bass drum and tam – tom – designation of established styles of jazz; literally, heads, flow of Mais ( fr . mae) – but Maître ( fr maitre ) – master, teacher maître chanter) – Meistersinger Maîtrise
(fr. matriz) – 1) church. singing school; 2) the title of master
Majestat (German maestet) – greatness
Majestätisch (maestetish) – majestic, majestic
Majesté (French mazheste), Majesty (English majesti) – greatness
Majestic (English majestic), Majestueux (French mazhestue) – majestic , majestically
Majeur (French mazher), Major (English meydzhe) – 1) major, major; 2) a large interval, for example, a major third, etc.
Major triad (English meydzhe triad) – major triad
Mai (German Mal) – times; beim ersten Mai (beim ersten mal) – for the 1st time; zweimal(zweimal) – twice
Malagueña (Spanish malageña) – malagueña, Spanish dance
Malicieux (fr. malieux) – crafty, mischievous, mocking
Malinconia (it. malinconia) – melancholy, sadness, sadness; con malinconia (con malinconia)
Malinconico (malinconico) – melancholy, sad, sad
Malizia (it. malicia) – cunning, cunning; con malizia (con malicia) – slyly
Mallet (eng. melit) – mallet; soft mallet (soft mallet) – soft mallet
Mambo (mambo) – dance lat. – amer. origin
Manca (it. semolina), Mancina (manchina) – left hand
Mancando (It. Mankando) – gradually subsiding, fading
Manche (French manche) – the neck of the bowed instrument
Mandola (It. Mandola) –
Mandolin (English mandolin), Mandoline (French mandolin), Mandoline (German mandolin ) ), Mandolino (it. mandolino) – mandolin
Mandolinata (it. mandolinata) – serenade to the accompaniment of mandolins
Mandolone (it. mandolone) – bass mandolin
Mandritta (it. mandritta) – right hand
Manica (it. manica) – fingering Manico (it . maniko) – the neck of the bowed instrument
Maniera(It. Maniera), Maniere (French Manier) – method, manner, style
Manierato (It. Manierato), Maniere (French Maniere) – mannered, pretentious, cutesy, exquisite
Manieren (German Maniren) – decorations, melismas ( a German term in the 18th century)
Manner (English mene) – manner, method, method, style
Mannered (mened) – pretentious, mannered
Männerchor (German mannerkor) – male choir
Man nimmt jetzt die Bewegung lebhafter als das erste Mai ( German man nimt ezt di bevegung lebhafter als das erste mal) is a place to perform at a faster pace than the beginning of the song [Beethoven. “Song from a distant land”]
Mano (it. mano) – hand
Mano destra (mano destra), Mano diritta (mano diritta ), Mano dritta ( mano dritta ) – right hand
Mano sinistra (mano sinistra) – left hand manual, English manual), Manuale (it. manual), Manuel (fr. manuel) – keyboard for hands at the organ Manualiter (lat. manual) – [indication] perform this place only on the manual, without using the Maracas pedal (maracas ) – maracas (percussion instrument of Latin American origin) Marcando (it. Marcando), Marcato
(marcato) – emphasizing, emphasizing
March (eng. maach), Marche (fr. march), Marcia (it. – march) – march
Marciale (marchale) –
Marche funebre (fr. march funebr), Marcia funebre (it. Marcha funebre) – funeral, funeral march
Marche harmonique (French march armoyayk) – chord sequence Marche militaire (French march militaire)
Marcia militare (It. march militare) – military march
Märchen (German märchen) – fairy tale
Märchenhaft (märchenhaft) – fabulous, in the character of a fairy tale
Marche redoublée (French redouble march) – fast march
Marche triomphale (fr. march trionfale), Marcia trionfale ( it . march trionfale) – triumphal march
Marching band (eng. maaching band) – instrumental ensembles of North American blacks playing on the streets , Marimbaphone (French marimbafon, English merimbefoun), Marimba (Italian, French, German marimba, English merimbe) – marimbaphone, marimba (percussion instrument) Marked (English Makt), Markiert (German Markirt), Marque (French Marque) – highlighting, emphasizing Marquer la mesure (Marquet la mesure) – beat the beat Markig
(German brand) – strongly, heavily
Marsch (German march) – march
Marschmässig (marshmessikh) – in the nature of the march
Martelé (fr. martel), Martellato (it. martellato) – 1) a stroke for bowed instruments; each sound is extracted by a firm movement of the bow in different directions with an abrupt stop; 2) on the piano – a staccato of great strength
Martellement (fr. martelman) – 1) repetition of the same tone on the harp; 2) in the old days, music, the designation of the mordent
Martello (it. martello) – the hammer at the piano
Marziale (it. marciale) – militantly
Masques (eng. maskes) – masks (musical and dramatic genre, popular at the English court of the 16th-17th centuries. )
Maß (German mass) – meter, size
Mass (English mass) – mass, Catholic church service
Maßig (German massich) – moderately
Maßig langsam (massich langzam) – rather slowly
Maßig schnell (massih schnel) – pretty soon
Maßig und eher langsam als geschwind (German massich und eer langsam als geschwind) – moderately, closer to a slow tempo than to a fast one [Beethoven. “Songs to the words of Gellert”]
Maßige Halben (German massige halben) – moderate tempo, half
count Maßige Viertel (massige firtel) – moderate tempo, quarter
count Massimamente (it. massimamente) – in the highest degree
Matelote(French matlet, English matelout) – matlet (sailor dance)
Matinée (French matine, English matiney) – morning or afternoon concert, play
Mattinata (it. Mattinata) – morning serenade
Maxima (lat. Maxim) – 1- I am the longest duration in mensural notation
Maxixe (Portuguese mashishe) – matchish (dance of Brazilian origin)
Mazourka (French mazurka), Mazurka (mazurka), Mazur (Polish mazur), Mazurek (mazurek) – mazurka
Mazza (it. mazza ) – mallet for percussion instrument
Measure(English meizhe) – 1) meter, size; 2) tact; 3) duration in mensural notation and their ratio; 4) the ratio of the cross-section of the sounding tube of a wind instrument to its length
Medesimo ( it. medesimo ) – the same Medesimo
tempo (it. medesimo tempo) – the same tempo Mediant (English midiant), Mediante (it., German mediante), Mediante (fr. medi ant) ​​- upper mediant (III steps) Mediator (lat. mediator) – mediator, plectrum Meditamente (it. meditamente) – contemplative meditating Meditation
(French meditation), Meditation (English meditation), Meditazione ( it . meditatione) – meditation, meditation Meditative
( it. meditative) – contemplative midi slowley) – rather slowly Medium swing (eng. midem suin) – medium tempo in jazz Medium tempo eng . midi tempou) – at an average pace (German meerere) – many, some Mehrstimmig (German meerstimmich) – polyphonic Mehrstimmigkeit
(Meerstimmihkait) – polyphony
Meistersang (German Meistersang) – the art of the Meistersingers
Meistersinger (Meistersinger) – Meistersinger (master of singing of the 15th-16th centuries)
Melancholic (English melenkolik), Melancholisch (German melancholish), Melancoliso (it. melankoliko), Mélancolique (French melancolic) – melancholy, sad
Melancholie (German melancholy), Melancholy (English melenkeli), Melancolia (Italian melancolia), Melancolie (French melancoli) – melancholy, sadness, despondency
Mélange (French melange) – medley; literally a mixture of
Melica(Italian malika) – lyrics
Melico (maliko) – melodic, musical, lyrical
Melismatik (German malismatik) – melismas, the doctrine of melismas
Melismatisch (melizmatish) – with decorations,
melismas Melismen (German malismen), Mélismes (French melismat) ) – melismas (decorations)
Mellophone (English mellophone) – mellophone (brass instrument)
Melodia (it. melody), Melodie (German melody), Melody (English melody) – melody
Melodic section (English melodic session) – melodic section (instruments leading a melody in a jazz ensemble)
Melodie(fr. melody) – 1) melody; 2) romance, song
Melodico (it. melodiko), Mélodieux (fr. melody), Melodioso (it. melodioso), Melodious (eng. miloudyes), Mélodique (fr. melodik), Melodisch (German melodish) – melodic, melodic
Melodik (German melodic) – melodic, the doctrine of melody
Melodram (German melodrama), Melodrama (English melodrame), Melodrame (French melodrama), Melodramma (Italian melodrama) – melodrama
Mélopée (French melope), Melopoie(German melopoie) – melopeya: 1) the Greeks have the doctrine of melos; 2) in modern, melodic art. recitation; 3) melody
Melos (gr. melos) – melos, melodic. element in music
Membran (German membrane), Membrana (Italian membrane), Membrane (French manbran, English membran) – membrane
Membranophone (German membranophone) – membranophones – instruments that make sounds thanks to a stretched membrane (animal skin)
Même (fr. mem) – the same, the same, the same
Même mouvement (mem muvman) – the same tempo
Menaçant (fr. manasan) – menacingly [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
Menestrel (French menestrel) – minstrel [poet, musician cf. in.)
Ménétrier (French manetrier) – 1) minstrel (poet, musician, cf. centuries); 2) a violinist in villages, festivities
Meno (it. meno) – less, less
Meno mosso (meno mosso), Meno presto (meno presto) – slower, less fast
Mensur (German menzur), Mensura (lat. menzura) – menzura , i.e. measure: 1) the ratio of the cross section of the sounding tube of a wind instrument to its length; 2 ) durations in
mensural notation and their relationship
(it. … mente) – in Italian. language ending of adverbs formed from an adjective; for example, fresco (frasco) – fresh – frescamente (fraskamente) – fresh
Menuet (French menue), Menuett (German minuet) –
Merklich minuet (German Merklich) – noticeably
Mescolanza (it. maskolantsa), Messanza (messanza) – mix, potpourri
Messa (it. mass), Messe (fr. mass), Messe (German masse) – mass, Catholic church service
Messa da requiem (it. mass and requiem), Messe des morts (fr. mass de mor) – requiem, funeral catholic. service
Messa di voce (it. massa di voche) – sound
milling Messinginstrument (ger. messinginstrument) – copper instrument
Mestizia (it. mesticia) – sadness, sadness; con mestizia (con mesticia), Mesto (mesto) – sad, sad
Mesure (French masur) – 1) meter, size; 2) tact; 3) duration of notes in mensural notation and their ratio; 4) the ratio of the cross section of the sounding tube of a wind instrument to its length; a la mesure (a la mesure) – at the same pace
Mesuré (fr. mesure) – measured, strictly in rhythm
Mesure à trois temps (fr. mesure a trois tan) – 3
beat Mesures composées(French mesure compose) – complex sizes
Mesures irrégulières (French mesure irrégulière) – asymmetrical. sizes
Mesures simples (French mezur sample) – simple sizes
Metà (it. met) – half of
Metallophon (gr., German metallophon) – 1) the general name of percussion instruments made of metal; 2) percussion instruments with metal, plates; 3) a modern percussion instrument such as the vibraphone
Metrum (German Metrum), Metre (English Mite), Mètre (French master), Metro (It. Metro) – meter, size
Metrica (It. Metric), Metrics (English Matrix ), Metrik (German Metrik), Métrique (French Metric) – metrics, the doctrine of the meter
Metronom (Greek – German matron) – metronome
Mettere (Italian mettere), Mettre (French master) – put, set, press [pedal], put on [mute]
Mettete (it. mettete), Mettez (fr. mate) – put on [mute]
Metter la voce (it. metter la voche) – mill the sound
Mezza aria (it. mezza aria), Mezza voce (mezza voche) – [ perform] in an undertone
Mezzo (it. mezzo, traditional pron. – mezzo) – middle, half, half
Mezzo carattere (it. mezo karattere) – “characteristic” voice and “characteristic” part in the opera
Mezzo forte (it. mezzo forte) – from the middle. force, not very loud
Mezzo-legato (it. mezzo-legato) – light, beady piano playing
Mezzo piano (it. mezzo piano) – not very quiet
Mezzo soprano (it. mezzo soprano) – low soprano
Mezzosopranoschlüssel (it.- German mezzo-sopranoschussel) – mezzosoprano key
Mezzo staccato (it. mezzo staccato) – not quite jerky
Mezzo-tuono (it. mezo-tuono) – semitone
Mi (it., fr., eng. mi) – mi sound
Middle bow (eng . mi) . middle bow) – [play] in the middle of the bow
Mignon (fr. minion) – nice, cute
Militaire (fr. militar), Militare(it. militare), Military (eng. military) – military
Militairement (fr. militerman), Militarmente (it. militarmente) – in the military spirit
Militärmusik (German militermusik) – military music
Militärtrommel (German militertrbmmel), Military drum ( military drum) – military drum
Minaccevole (it. minacchevole), Minacciando (minacciado), Minaccioso (minaccioso) – menacingly, menacingly
Mindestens (German mindestens) – least, at least
Mineur (fr. miner) – 1) minor , minor; 2) small. interval, eg. m. third etc.
Miniatura(Italian miniature), Miniature (French miniatures, English minieche) – miniature
Minim (English minim), Minima (Italian minima) – 1/2 (note)
Minima (Latin minima) – 5th by magnitude duration in mensural notation; literally the smallest Minnesang
( German minnesang
) – the art of minnesingers minor, minor; 2) small interval; for example, a minor third, etc. Minor key (English meine ki) – minor key Minor triad
(eng. meine triad) – minor triad
Minstrel (eng. minstrel) – 1) minstrel (poet, singer, musician of the Middle Ages);
2) in the USA, white singers and dancers, disguised as blacks and performing Negro
and dances ; literally a miracle
Mirliton (fr. mirliton) – 1) a pipe; 2) adv. chant
Mise de voix (French mise de voix) – sound milling
Miserere (lat. miserare) – “Have mercy” – the beginning of the Catholic chant
Missa (lat. miss) – mass, Catholic church service
Missa brevis (miss brevis) – short mass
Missa de profundis (miss de profundis) – funeral mass
Missa in musica (miss in music) – mass with instrumental accompaniment
Missa solemnis (miss solemnis) – solemn mass
Misterio (it. mysterio) – secret ; con misterio (con mysterio), Misterioso (misterioso) – mysteriously
Mistico (it. mystico) – mystically
Misura (it. mizura) – size, beat
Misurato (mizurato) – measured, measured
Mit (German mit) – with, with, together
Mit Bogen geschlagen (German Mit Bogen Geschlagen) – [play] striking the bow shaft
Mit Dämpfer (German mit damper) – with a mute
Mit ganzem Bogen (German mit ganzem bogen) – [play] with the whole bow
Mit großem Ton (German mit grossem tone) – big, full sound
Mit großier Wildheit (German mit grosser wildheit) – very violently [Mahler. Symphony No. 1]
Mit Hast (mit hast) – hastily, hastily Mit
höchstem Pathos ( German : Mit höchstem Pathos ) – with the greatest pathos – with a very sincere feeling [Beethoven. Sonata No. 30] Mit Kraft (mit craft), kräftig (craft) – strongly
Mit Lebhaftigkeit, jedoch nicht in zu geschwindem Zeitmaße und scherzend vorgetragen (German mit lebhaftigkeit, edoch nicht in zu geschwindem zeitmasse und scherzend forgetragen) – perform lively and playfully, but not too fast [Beethoven. “Kiss”]
Mit Lebhaftigkeit und durchaus mit Empfindung und Ausdruck (German: Mit Lebhaftigkait und Durhaus mit Empfindung und Ausdruck) – lively, all the time expressive, with feeling [Beethoven. Sonata No. 27]
Mit Nachdruck (mit náhdruk) – emphasized
Mit roher Kraft (German mit roer craft) – with brute force [Mahler]
Mit schwach gespannten Saiten (German mit shvach gespanten zaiten) – [drum] with loosely stretched strings ( snare drum reception)
Mit Schwammschlägel (German: Mit Schwamschlegel) – [to play] with a soft mallet with a sponge
Mit schwankender Bewegung (German: Mit Schwankender Bewegung) – at a fluctuating, unsteady pace [Medtner. Dithyramb]
Mit springendem Bogen (German mit springgendem bogen) – [play] with a jumping bow
Mit Unruhe bewegt (German mit unrue bevegt) – excitedly, restlessly
Mit verhaltenem Ausclruck (mit verhaltenem ausdruk) – with restrained expressiveness [A. Favter. Symphony No. 8]
Mit Vehemenz (mit veemenz) – strongly, sharply [Mahler. Symphony No. 5]
Mit Warme (mit verme) – warm, soft
Mit Wut (mit wut) – furiously
Mittelsatz(German mittelsatz) – medium. part of
Mittelstimme (German mittelshtime) – middle. voice
Mixolydius (lat. mixolidius) –
mixolydian mode Mixte (fr. mixed) – mixed, varied, heterogeneous
Mixtur (German. mixtures), Mixtura (lat. mixture), Mixture (fr. , organ register)
Mobile (It. mobile, French mobile, English mobile) – mobile, changeable
Modal (French, German modal, English modal), Modale (It. modal) – modal
Mode (French mod, English mode) – mode
Moderate (English moderit), Moderately(moderitli) – moderately, restrainedly
Moderate (it. moderato) – 1) moderately, restrainedly; 2) tempo, medium, between andante and allegro
Moderate beat (English moderatou bit) – in the middle. tempo, in the style of beat music (jazz, term)
Moderate bounce (English moderatou bounce) – in the middle. tempo, hard
Moderate slow (eng. moderatou slow) – moderately slow
Moderate swing (eng. moderatou suin) – in the middle. tempe (jazz, term)
Modérateur (French moderater), Moderatore (Italian moderatore) – moderator at the piano
Modération (French moderation), Moderation (English moderation) – moderation; in moderation(in moderation) – moderately, restrainedly
Moderazione (it. moderatione) – moderation; con moderazione (con moderatione) – moderately
Modéré (fr. modere) – 1) moderately, restrainedly; 2) pace, avg. between andante and allegro
Modére et trés souple (French modere e tre supl) – moderately and very gently [Debussy. “Island of joy”]
Modérément (French modereman) – moderately, restrainedly
Modérément animé comme en prétudant (French modereman anime com en preludan) – with restrained animation, as if preluding [Debussy]
Modern (German modern, English moden) , Moderne (fr. modern), Moderno (it. modern) – new, modern
Modo (it. modo) – 1) image, manner, likeness; 2) mode
Modo ordinario (it. modo ordinarily) – play in the usual way
Modulare (it. modular), Modulate (English modulite) – modulate
Modulation (French modulation, English modulation), Modulation (German modulation), Moduiazione ( it. modulatione) – modulation
Modulation convergente (fr. modulyason converzhant ) – modulation with a return to the main key
Modulation divergente (modulation divergent) – modulation fixed in a new key
(lat. modus) – 1) mode; 2) ratio. durations in mensural notation
Möglich (German Möglich) – possible; wie möglich – as far as possible
Möglichst ohne Brechung (German möglichst one brehung) – if possible without arpeggiation
Moins (fr. moen) – 1) less, less; 2) without, minus
Moitié (French muatier) – half
Moll (German mole) – minor, minor
Mollakkord (German mole chord), Molldreiklang (moldreiklang) – minor triad
Molle (French mole, it. Molle), Mollement ( fr. moleman), Mollemente (it. mollemente) – softly, weakly, gently
Mollgeschlecht (German molgeshlecht) – minor inclination
Molltonarten (German moltonarten) – minor keys
Molto (it. molto) – a lot, very, very; for example, allegro molto (allegro molto) – very soon
Moment musical (fr. Moman musical) – music. moment
Mono… (Greek mono) – one…; used in compound words
Monochord (Greek – German monochord), Monocorde (French monochord) – monochord (the simplest single-string plucked instrument that served in antiquity for calculating and determining intervals)
Monodia (lat., It. monodia), Monodie (fr . monodi), Monodie (German monodi),Monody (English monadi) – monody 1) monophonic singing without accompaniment, 2) solo singing with accompaniment.
Monodie (English manedik), Monodico (it monodiko), Monodique (French monodic), Monodisch (German monodish) – monodic
Monodram (German monodram) – stage. performance with one character
Monoton (German monotone), Monotone (French monotone), Monotono (It. monotono), Monotonous (English menotnes) – monotonous, monotonous
Montare (It. Montare), Monter(fr. monte) – 1) raise, raise; 2) go up (in voicing); 3) supply the instrument with strings; 4) stage an opera, oratorio, etc.
Montre (fr. montre) – ch. open labial voices of the organ
Moqueur (fr. Moker) – mocking
Morbidamente (it. morbidamente), Morbide (fr. morbid), con morbidezza (it. con morbidezza), Morbido (morbido) – softly, gently, painfully
Morceau (fr. morso ) – a work, a play
Morceau de musique (French Morceau de Music) – music. play
Morceau d’ensemble (fr. Morceau d’ensemble) – 1) ensemble; 2) the number of the opera, in which several people participate. soloists
Morceau detache(fr. morso detashe) – a highlighted passage from any major work
Mordant (fr. mordan) – 1) sarcastically [Debussy]; 2) mordent
Mordent (German mordent, English modent), Mordente (Italian mordente) – mordent (melism)
More (English moo) – more, more
More expressive (moo expressive) – more expressive
Morendo (Italian Morendo) – fading
Moresca (Spanish Moresca) – starin, Maurit. a dance popular in Spain and Italy in the 15th and 17th centuries.
Morgenständchen (German Morgenshtendhen) – morning serenade
Moriente (It. Moriente) – fading, fading
Mormorando (It. Mormorando), Mormorevole(mormorevole), Mormoroso (mormoroso) – whispering, murmuring, mumbling
Mosaico (it. mosaic) – mosaic, a set of different motifs
Mosso (it. mosso) – mobile, lively
Motet (fr. mote, eng. moutet), Motette (German Motette), Motetto (It. Motetto), Motetus (lat. Motetus) – motet
Motif (French motif, English motif), Motiv (German motif), Motivo (It. motive) – motif
Moto (It. moto ) – traffic; con moto(it. con moto) – 1) mobile; 2) added to the designation. tempo, indicates acceleration, for example, allegro con moto – rather than allegro; andante con moto – rather than andante Moto perpetuo (it. moto perpetuo) – perpetual motion; the same as Perpetuum mobile
Moto precedente (it. moto prechedente) – at the previous tempo
Motoprimo (it. moto primo) – at the original tempo
Motus (lat. motus) – movement
Motus contrarius (motus contrarius) – opposites, movement in voice
guidance Motus obliquus (motus obliquevus) – indirect movement in voice guidance
Motus rectus (motus rectus) – direct movement in voice guidance
Mouth hole(eng. mouts hole) – a hole for blowing air at a wind instrument
Mouth-organ (eng. mouts-ogen) – 1) a flute; 2) harmonica
Mouthpiece (eng. mouthspis) – the mouthpiece of a brass wind instrument
Mouvement (fr. muvman) – 1) movement, tempo; 2) part of a cyclic work (sonatas, suites, etc.), au mouvement
o movman) – return to the previous
tempo Valse à un temps (mouvman de waltz and he tan) – at the pace of a fast waltz (count by beats)
Mouvement direct(muvman direct) – direct movement
Mouvement parallèle (muvman parallel) – parallel movement
Mouvementé (fr. muvmante) – mobile, lively, noisy
Movement (eng. muvment) – 1) movement, pace; 2) part of the cyclic work
Movendo (it. movendo), Movente (movente) – mobile Movimento (movimento) – movement, tempo
Movido (Portuguese muvidu) – mobile
Moyenne difficulté (fr. moyen difikulte) – middle. difficulties
Muance (fr. muance) – 1) mutation [voice]; 2) in Wed – century. music system a concept related to modulation (i.e., the transition from one hexachord to another)
Muffle(English mafl) – muffle [sound]
Muffled (muffle) – muffled, muffled
Muffler (muffle) – 1) moderator; 2) mute
Muito cantado a note de cima (Portuguese muito cantado a noti di eyma) – perform a very melodious upper voice [Vila Lobos]
Multiplicatio (lat. multiplicatio) – rapid repetition of one note (17-18 centuries); literally multiplication
Mundharmonika (German mundharmonika) – mouth harmonica
Mundloch (German mundloch) – a hole for blowing air from a wind instrument
Mundstück (it is a mouthpiece) – a mouthpiece from a brass wind instrument
Munter (German Munter) – cheerful, fun
Murmuré(French murmuret) – muttering, murmuring, whispering, in an undertone
Musette (French musette, English musette) – 1) bagpipes; 2) old, French. dance; à la musette (fr. a la musette) – in the style of a bagpipe; 3) woodwind instrument
Music (English music) – 1) music; 2) notes; 3) musical work
Musical (musical) – 1) musical; 2) type of performance with musical numbers (Anglo-American origin)
Musical comedy (musical comedy) – musical comedy
Musical film (musical film) – musical film
Music hall (music hall) – 1) concert hall; 2) music hall
Musician (music) – 1) musician; 2) composer; to play without music(that play uizout music) – play without notes
Musica (lat. music) – music
Musica instrumental (music instrumental) – sounding music, music itself
Musica humana (human music) – harmony of the soul
Musica (it. music) – 1) music; 2) notes; 3) play; 4) orchestra
Musica a programma (it. music and program) – program music
Musica da camera (it. music da camera) – chamber music
Musica da chiesa (music da chiesa) – church music
Musica di scena (music di sheng) – stage music music
Musica divina (lat. divin music), Musica sacra (music sacra) – church music
Musica falsa (lat. false music) – fake music
Musica ficta (lat. ficta music) – “artificial” music; according to medieval terminology, music with an alteration not provided for by the rules Musica
mensurabilis ( music menzurabilis ) –
mensural music Musico) – musician critic, musicologist Musicologia (it. musicology), Musicologie (fr. musicology) – musicology
Music scholar (English music school) – musicologist
Music-stand (English music stand) – music stand, remote control
Musik (German music) – music
Musikalien (German musical) – notes
Musikalisch (German musical) – musical
Musikant ( German musician), Musiker (musiker) – musician
Musikdiktat (German muzikdiktat) – musical dictation
Musikdirektor (German music director) – head of the musical organization
Musikdruck (German muzikdruk) – music printing
Musikerziehung (German muzikerziung) – musical education
Musikfest (German . musicfest) – music. festival
Musikforscher(German muzikforscher) – musicologist
Musikforschung (musik-forshung) – musicology
Musikgesellschaft (German muzikgesellschaft) – musical society
Musikgeschichte (German muzikgeshikhte) – history of music
Musikinstrument (German muzikinstrument) – musical instrument
Musikkritik (German muzikkritik) – musical criticism
Musikschriftsteller (German muzikshrift shteller) – musicologist
Musikschule (German muzikshule) – music school
Musiksoziologie (German music sociologists) – sociology of music
Musiktheorie (German muzikteori) – music theory
Musikverein (German muzikferein) – musical society
Musikwissenschaft (German muzikwissenshaft) – musicology
Musikzeitschrift (German muzikzeit font) – music magazine
Musikzeitung (musikzeitung) – musical newspaper
Musique (fr. music) – 1) music; 2) music. play; 3) orchestra; 4) notes
Musique à program (French music and program) – program music
Musique de chambre (French music de chanbre) – chamber music
Musique de danse (French music de Dane) – dance music
Musique de scène (French music de sen) – stage music
Musique de table (French music de table) – table music
Musique descriptive (French music descriptive) – visual music
Musique figurée (French musical figure) – polyphonic music of the 15th-18th centuries.
Musique mesurée (French music mesurée) – mensural music
Musique populaire (French music populaire) – 1) Nar. music; 2) popular music
Musique profane (French music profane) – secular music
Musique sacrée (French music sacré), Musique religieuse (music religieuse) – cult music
Musique sérielle (French music sariel) – serial music
Musizieren (German musiciren) – make music, play music
Muta (lat., It. Muta) – “change” (indication in parties to change the system or instrument)
Muta in … – change to …
Mutatio(lat. mutation), Mutazione (it mutation) – mutation: 1) in the Middle Ages. music the system is a concept related to the modern, modulation (transition from one hexachord to another); 2) mutation of the voice
Mute (English mute) – mute, put on the mute
Muted (mute) – muffled, stalled sound [on the horn]; with mute (uydz mute) – with a mute; without mute (widzaut mute) – without mute
Mutierung (German mutirung) – mutation [voice]
Mutig (German mute) – courageously, boldly, cheerfully
Mystère (fr. mister) – mystery, mystery; avec mystère (avec mister) – mysteriously [Scriabin. “Prometheus>]
Mmysterieusement murmuré(French Mysterious Myurmuret) – mysteriously whispering [Scriabin. Sonata No. 9]
Mystérieusement sonore (French misteriozman sonor) – mysterious sound
Mysterieux (mystery) – mysteriously
Mystery (eng. mystery) – mystery, mystery
Mysterious (mistieries) – mysterious; mysteriously

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