Advertising on the website

Hello, dear partners!

We invite you to place your advertisement on the website https://music-education.ru/. The site is dedicated to music and the problems of music education (both independent and professional). In this regard, when ordering advertising, you will only deal with an interested target audience, which searches for your products and services all over the Internet.

Who benefits from advertising with us?

You can order advertising on our website if you:

  • owner of an online music store;
  • give private music lessons via Skype or live;
  • conduct mass online music trainings;
  • write books on music and want to sell or distribute them;
  • owner of your YouTube channel, you post interesting videos on music and want to promote your YouTube channel;
  • engage in affiliate sales of goods and services via the Internet;
  • owner of a thematic public or group in contact or Facebook and want people to subscribe to them from our website;
  • want to sell your collection of sheet music, books or musical instruments;
  • looking for clients for your private music school;
  • other…

What advertising formats can we offer you?

Here are the advertising formats you can choose for yourself:

  • banners (in the sidebar – 250 pixels wide, in the text – up to 600 pixels wide): the cost of placement for a month is 8500 rubles;
  • feature articles (review articles, interviews, useful content with a link to your page or with an affiliate link/banner): posted only forever, the cost of placement is 2500 rubles (if you provide a unique article);
  • popup window: accommodation only daily, cost 1 day – 1000 rubles, week – 5000 rubles;
  • subscription form: placement in the sidebar – at the top 5500 rubles per month, in the middle and at the bottom – 4500 rubles per month;
  • your community widget: placement in the sidebar in the middle – cost per month is 4500 rubles, placement forever (until cancellation upon request) on the page with your article – 550 rubles;
  •  for websites – link exchange (links only in articles, 1 link in one article) – barter.

How many people will see your ad?

According to statistics, the site is currently visited by about 280 people per month. The average number of views per page is 000 times. This means that your ad will be shown approximately 1,5 times! I repeat once again that this is only an interested audience (500%). All users come to the site using the search engines Yandex and Google. This is confirmation that people are looking for your services. There are no strangers on the site.

Who visits our site most often?

Again, according to statistics, 70% of our users belong to the solvent category citizens (men and women from 18 to 60 years old), of which visitors aged 18-24 years – 24%, 25-34 years old – 20%, 35-44 years old – 18%, 45-60 years old – 8%. Well, 30% of the total users belong to the age category under 18 years (these are schoolchildren and students), they can also write articles to your clients indirectly (through their parents).

If we sample by city, then the largest number of people come to the site from Moscow (28%), a little less – from St. Petersburg (17%), then large Russian cities supply approximately 3-4% of traffic: Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Samara, Krasnodar, etc. Approximately 15% of people view our site from other countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, USA, Israel, etc.)

Where to go?

Please write your applications, questions and suggestions regarding advertising to [email protected], or contact https://vk.com/evgenyreim.

Special conditions for music tutors and partners, details via the specified contacts or on the page – I give music lessons or am a partner.

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