Which acoustic drums should I choose?

Which acoustic drums should I choose?

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Acoustic percussion is one of the most frequently chosen by drummers. It is primarily dictated by the naturalness of the sound obtained, the huge interpretative possibilities of the acoustic instrument in terms of articulation, dynamics, striking techniques and all those aspects that no electronic percussion can fully reflect. There are dozens of different models on the market, each with specific characteristics. The most important thing for every musician is the sound he can get from a given set. The material from which the set was made has the greatest impact on the quality of this sound. Drum bodies are made primarily of wood, and the most common types of wood are linden, poplar, birch, maple, mahogany and walnut. Often you can also find bodies that are a combination of two types of wood, e.g. birch and maple. Of course, a given tree species is additionally classified in an appropriate manner, so for example: birch, birch or maple, unequal to maple. Here, the quality is influenced by the region from which the given raw material was obtained, or the length of its seasoning. The wood from which musical instruments are made is properly selected, requires proper preparation and processing. At the final stage of production, the drum kits are finished with different colors, which makes some instruments look like real works of art. Various materials and techniques are used for this finish. The most commonly used is veneer, which is applied to the outer part of the body with the use of appropriate adhesives. Such a veneer is resistant to external weather conditions and minor scratches that may occur, for example, during transport. Another way to finish the set is to paint the outside of the body. This technique is most often used in more exclusive, much more expensive sets. Unfortunately, these types of bodies are more exposed to all kinds of scratches and external damage, therefore, especially during transport, special care should be taken.

Beginners, for understandable reasons, often do not know which set to choose. Usually, the basic criterion when choosing a set is its price. Here, the price range is really big, as in every group of instruments. The prices of the cheapest budget sets start from around PLN 1200 to PLN 1500. Virtually every major producer has in its offer such a school set, which is enough to start exercising. Such a basic drum kit usually includes a central drum, a snare drum, two suspended toms and one standing tome (Floor Tom), often referred to as a well. In addition, hardware, i.e. accessories, which include, among others, a kickstand, hi-hat machine, stool, stands for sheet metal and a stand for a snare drum.

Percussion cymbals are purchased separately and we can complete single pieces or purchase the entire set of a given series. Here, too, the prices are adjusted to the financial possibilities of the buyer. And such a basic budget set of cymbals, which include hi-hat, crash, ride, can be purchased for as little as PLN 500-600. You have to be aware that these budget sets of cymbals and drum kits will not sound particularly great, but as an instrument to practice or even play in an amateur band, they will be enough.

When choosing a set, it is also worth answering the question whether it will be a set that will be a typically stationary instrument, or maybe we are looking for a more mobile set that unfolds quickly and efficiently and does not take up too much space. If we want to have an instrument with which we intend to move often and our priority is to make it as less burdensome as possible, it is worth choosing a set with smaller cauldrons. The central drum always takes up the most space, so instead of 22 or 24 inches, you will buy a set with a 16, 18 or a maximum of 20 inches. People who do not have such a requirement can afford a larger set, also one whose cauldrons are mounted on a frame. We said to ourselves at the beginning that sound is such a priority for every musician. In a percussion set, it depends not only on the material from which the bodies were made, but also on their size and tuning. The size of individual volumes consists of its diameter and depth. You have to be aware that a drum kit is a collection of individual membrane instruments that must interact with each other and that is why they must be properly tuned together. Only a well-tuned set will be able to sound good.

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