When working with sound, take care of your hearing

When working with sound, take care of your hearing

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When working with sound, take care of your hearingThere are professions in which hearing plays a very important role and it is not necessarily the profession of a musician. Also people who deal with the technical side of music must have a working hearing aid. One of such professions is, among others sound director also known as a sound engineer or acoustician. Also, all people involved in music production should take proper care of their hearing organs. They most often have to spend hours wearing headphones over their ears. That is why it is so important that such headphones are properly selected in terms of functionality and comfort. First of all, it should be remembered that there are no universal headphones for everything, because usually when something is for everything, it sucks. There is also a suitable division among the headphones, where we can distinguish three basic groups of headphones: audiophile headphones, which are used to listen to and enjoy music, DJ headphones, which are used in the work of a DJ when mixing songs, e.g. in a club, and studio headphones, which are used to listen to raw material during e.g. a recording session or material processing.

Comfortable headphones

Regardless of where we use headphones, it is worth making sure that they are quite light. This will definitely improve the comfort of use. If we work in the studio, semi-open or closed studio headphones will be the best for work. Half-open ones are usually less massive, and thus lighter. If we do not need to completely cut off from the environment and we work, for example, in a well-damped soundproof control room, which does not reach undesirable noises from the outside, this type of headphones will be a very good solution. In the event that some noise is produced around us and, for example, our director receives sounds from the recording room, then it is worth buying closed over-ear headphones. Such headphones are designed to isolate us from the environment so that no sounds from outside reach us. Such headphones should also not transmit any sounds to the outside. These types of headphones are usually more massive and a bit heavier at the same time. Therefore, working with this type of headphones can be a bit more tiring and tiring than with open headphones. It is also good to take breaks during, for example, a recording session, so that our ears can rest for a few minutes. It is also important to work at the lowest possible volume levels, especially if these are sessions lasting many hours.

When working with sound, take care of your hearing


Fitted earplugs

Also, the work of technical service during concerts is usually very tiring for our hearing organs. Huge noise, especially during rock concerts, may damage our hearing organs without any additional protection, especially if such concerts last several hours. In this case, it is worth using specialized earplugs for protection. You can also use protective headphones, which are, among others, used to protect hearing during road, construction and demolition works.

When working with sound, take care of your hearing


Usually, most of us make the fundamental mistake of being concerned about protecting our hearing organs only when it begins to fail. A much better idea is to prevent possible damage. It is also good to have your hearing checked by a specialist doctor at least every few years. If we already have a job where we are exposed to noise, let’s protect ourselves from it. If we are music lovers and we spend every free moment listening to music, then let’s not do it at the maximum available decibels. If you have well-sharpened hearing today, take care of it and do not expose to unnecessary excessive noise.

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