What smoke generator to buy?

What smoke generator to buy?

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What smoke generator to buy?

When browsing shop offers or auction portals in search of a smoke generator, you can see that apart from specific operating parameters, we also have a choice of the type of fog produced. Classic, heavy smoke or maybe a hazer? So what to choose? Which is best for a specific application? About this a few words below.

Smoke generator – general

Basically it is a “haze” effect. The principle of operation is simple, pour a special liquid into the device and then turn it on. We wait for the heater to heat up, usually it takes a few minutes. After heating up, press the button on the remote control and we get a cloud of smoke that creates an atmosphere during a given performance, additionally highlighting the rays of lighting.


Currently, we can distinguish three main types of smoke generators. We divide them according to the type of fog created. These are:

• fog generators

• heavy smoke (low) smoke generators

• hazers (light smoke generators)

What smoke generator to buy?

, source: Muzyczny.pl

Fog generators

The fog generator is one of the most popular and most frequently used solutions. You could say this is an option between a hazard and a heavy smoke. It creates a long and narrow stream that spreads over the entire stage or hall.

A very popular solution with certain advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, this equipment is inexpensive and easy to use, on the other hand, it can not be used always and everywhere.

What smoke generator to buy?

Fog generator by ADJ, source: Muzyczny.pl

Heavy smoke generators

Due to its design, the blown smoke has a reduced temperature, which makes it heavier than air and rises just above the ground. A slightly more expensive solution with a distinctly different effect than the one discussed above.

They will find a special application where we want to achieve the effect of “dancing in the clouds” or low-set clouds.

What smoke generator to buy?

Antari ICE heavy smoke generator, source: Muzyczny.pl


Hazer, which is colloquially speaking light smoke. The main difference is that here we do not have a strong stream coming directly from the nozzle, but the mist, originally diluted by fans, which is immediately mixed with the air. We do not get a concentrated beam, but a more diluted and transparent one.

Hazers are especially useful where there are cameras, because ordinary smoke would quickly obscure their image.

What smoke generator to buy?

Antari HZ-100 Hazer, source: Muzyczny.pl

Parameters of the smoke generator

Okay, we have already chosen the type we are interested in, now it’s time to look at the parameters. In the case of a specific choice, it is worth paying attention to:

• power consumption

The main factor proving the efficiency of the “smoke machine”. We choose the power depending on the application. For small parties, house parties, 400-800W is enough. When we intend to use the equipment commercially, it is worth choosing more power, which brings greater efficiency.

• heating time

It tells about how much time the generator needs to warm up for normal operation. Besides, we look at:

• performance

• fluid reservoir capacity

• fluid consumption

• protections (thermal, etc.)

• control

Most of the lower-priced models have relatively simple controls, a wired controller with the ability to turn on / off (we also meet wireless controllers). Slightly more expensive, more advanced models have additional functions (e.g. timer, adjustable blowing force or specific operating modes) or the ability to control via DMX.


When choosing a smoke generator, we need to pre-consider the conditions in which it will be used. After the purchase, to ensure relatively trouble-free operation, it is worth investing in a fluid of appropriate quality, which will certainly contribute to extending the life of the selected equipment.

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