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People’s poet-singer and musician in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The word “A.” Iran. origin; originally meant: spiritual person, teacher, mentor. From the 2nd floor. 19th century A. began to be called poets-improvisers. A. composed (improvised) poems and performed them in a recitative manner (terme, zheldirme) to the accompaniment of dombra; often they performed at poetry and song contests (see Aitys). Among the Kazakhs, A. were also called persons who were simultaneously poets, composers, and singers, even if they were not improvisers (Birzhan, Ibrai, Akhan-Sere, and others). In Kyrgyzstan until Oct. During the revolution, only poets who wrote down their works and the most prominent representatives of oral poetry (Toktogul Satylganov) were considered. In the owls the time of poets of the oral tradition is often referred to as “khalyk akyn” (folk akyn).

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