Studio and DJ headphones – fundamental differences

Studio and DJ headphones – fundamental differences

The audio equipment market is constantly developing intensively, along with it we get new technology, as well as more and more interesting solutions.

Studio and DJ headphones - fundamental differences

o the same applies to the headphone market. In the past, our older colleagues had a very limited choice, which was balanced between several models of headphones for the use of the so-called general and literally a few divided into studio and dj’s.

When buying headphones, the DJ usually did it with the thought that they would serve him for at least a few years, the same was true for the studio ones for which you had to pay dearly.

The basic division of headphones that we distinguish is the division into DJ headphones, studio headphones, monitoring and HI-FI headphones, i.e. those that we use every day, e.g. to listen to music from an mp3 player or phone. However, for design reasons, we distinguish between over-ear and in-ear.

In-ear headphones are those that are placed inside the ear, and more precisely in the ear canal, this solution most often applies to headphones used to listen to music or to monitor (listen to) individual instruments, e.g. at a concert. Recently, there have also been some designed for DJs, but this is still something new for many of us.

The disadvantage of these headphones is lower sound quality compared to earphones and the probability of hearing damage in the long term when listening at high volume. Over-ear headphones, i.e. the ones we deal with most often in the category of headphones used for DJing and mixing music in the studio, are much safer for hearing, because they do not have direct contact with the inner ear.

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