Replacement of pickups in an electric guitar

Replacement of pickups in an electric guitar

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Pickups are one of the key elements of an electric guitar sound. Good quality pickups can significantly improve the sound of cheaper instruments, which are often equipped with poor quality accessories. On the other hand, if we have a solid instrument but we are bored with its sound. or we just want to improve its sound even more, the procedure of replacing the pickups is also always a good idea. Nowadays, most of the world’s giants in the field of pickup production, such as Fender, DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan, offer several or even a dozen models with different sonic characteristics. So we can easily find the best solution for ourselves. 



For inexperienced people, replacing the transducers may seem like a rather difficult activity. However, with even minimal knowledge of how to handle a soldering iron, we can try to replace it ourselves. Thanks to this, we will save time and money that we would have to spend at a luthier. Today we wanted to show you that replacing pickups is not such a terrifying operation. It is enough to equip yourself with a few basic tools – a good quality soldering iron, a set of screwdrivers, pliers … a painter’s tape will also be useful to protect the guitar’s varnish from accidental damage.

We invite you to watch the movie below, in which, using the Seymour Duncan humbuckers as an example, we will show you how quickly, efficiently and stress-free you can replace pickups in your favorite guitar.

Wymiana przetworników w gitarze elektrycznej

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