Music Terms – V
Music Terms

Music Terms – V

Vacillamento (it. vachillamento) – fluctuation, trembling, flickering
Vacillando (it. vachillándo), Vacillato (vacilláto) – vibrating (character of performance on bowed instruments)
Vagamente (it. vagamente), Vago (vago) – 1) indefinitely, vaguely, dont clear; 2) beautiful, graceful
Vague (fr. wag) – indefinite, vague
Vaguement (vagman) – indefinitely, vaguely
Valeur (fr. Valer), Valore (it. valore) – sound duration
Valse (fr. waltz), Valzer (it. walzer) – waltz
Valse boston (fr. waltz boston) – fashionable dance of the 20s. 20th century
valve(English valve) – valve, valve, piston
Valve trombone (English valve trombone) – trombone with valves
Valve trumpet (English valve trumpet) – pipe with valves
Valvola (it. valvola) – valve, valve
Variando (it. variando ) _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ , Variation, – en (German variation -en), Variazione, – i (Italian variation, – and) – variation, –
II Varié (French variation) – varied;air varié (er varie) – theme with variations
Variété (fr. variety) – type of stage, theater
Vaudeville (fr. vaudeville) – vaudeville
Vedi retro (lat. vedi retro) – see on the back
Veemente (it. vemente), con veemenza (kon veemenz) – swiftly, unbridled, passionately, impetuously
Vehemenz (German veemenz) – strength, sharpness; mit Vehemenz (mit veemenz) – strongly, sharply [Mahler. Symphony No. 5]
Velato (it. velato) – muffled, veiled
Vellutato (it. vellutato), Velouté (fr. velute), Velvet (English velvit), Velvety (welviti) – velvety
Veloce (it. veloche), Velocemente (velocemente), con velocita (kon velocitá) – quickly, fluently
Ventil (German ventil) – valve, piston
Ventilhorn (German ventilhorn) – horn with valves
Ventilkornet (German ventilkornet) – cornet -a-piston
Ventilposaune (German ventilpozaune) – valve trombone
Ventiltrompete (German ventiltrompete) – trumpet with valves
Venusto (it. venusto) – beautiful, elegant
Veränderung (German farenderung) – 1) change; 2) alteration
Verbotene Fortschreitungen (German: förbótene fortshreitungen) – the prohibition of following
Verbunkos ( Verbunkosh )  Hungarian folk music
style ) – author, compiler of Verges (fr. verge), Verghe ( it . verge) – rods (used when playing the cymbal , drum, etc. ) fargressarung) – increase, expansion of Verhallen
(German verhallen) – calm down, freeze
Verhalten (German verhalten) – restrained; mit verhaltenem Ausclruck (mit verhaltenem ausdruk) – with restrained expressiveness [A. Favter. Symphony No. 8]
Verkleinerung (German Fairkleinerung) – reduction [duration of notes]
Verklingen (German Fairklingen) – subside
Verklingen lassen (Fairklingen Lassen) – let
Verkürzung (German Fairkyurzung) – shorten
Verlag (German Fairlág) – 1) edition; 2) publishing house
Verlängerung (German färlengerung) – lengthening
Verlöschend (German färlöshend) – fading
Vermindert (German färmindert) – reduced [interval, chord]
Vers (French war), Vers (German farz), Verso (Italian verso) – verse
Verschiebung (German farshubung) – left pedal; literally, the displacement of
Verschieden (German faershiden) – different, different
Verschleiert (German faerschleiert) – veiled
Verschwindend (German faershwindend) – disappearing [Mahler. Symphony No. 2]
Verse (eng. vees) – 1) stanza; 2)
sing Versetzungszeichen (German faerzetzungszeichen) –
accidentals Verspätung (German faershpetung) – detention
Verstärkung (German vershterkung) – amplification, additional instruments, for example, Hörner-Verstärkung(herner-fershterkung) – additional horns
Vertatur (lat. vertátur), Verte (verte) – turn [page]
Vertical flute (eng. veetikel flute) – longitudinal flute
Vertiginoso (it. vertiginózo) – dizzy [Medtner]
Verwandte Tonarten ( it, faerwandte tonarten) – related keys Very
( English vary) – very
Very broadly (very bróudli) – very wide
Very freely (Vary friili) – very freely note Verzögern (German farzegern) – slow down, tighten
Vezzoso (it. vezzozo) – gracefully, affectionately
Via (it. via) – away
Via sordini (via sordini) – remove
the mutes Vibrafono (it. vibrafon), Vibraphon (German vibrafon), Vibraphone (fr. ) vibraphone (percussion instrument)
Vibrando ( it . vibrándo), Vibrato ( vibráto) – perform with vibration ,
vibrating Vibration (French vibration, English vibration), Vibration (German vibration),
Vibrazione (it. vibracione) – vibration
Vicenda (it. vicenda) – change, replacement, alternation; a vicenda (and vicenda) – in turn, alternately, alternately
Victorieux (fr. victorio) – victoriously
Vide (lat. vide) – see
Vide – designation. in notes: the beginning and end of the bill
Vide sequens (vide sekuens) – see the following
Vide (fr. view) – open, empty string
Vidula (lat. vidula), Vistula (vistula), Vitula (vitula) – starin, bowed instrument; same as Fidel
Viel (German fil) – a lot
of Viel Bogen(German fil bógen) – with a wide movement of the bow
Viel Bogen wechseln (fil bogen wechseln) – often change the bow
Viel Ton (German fil ton) – with a big sound
Viele (fillet) – many
Vîèle, vielle (French vielle) – viella: 1) medieval string instrument; same as viola ; 2) a lyre with a rotary wheel
Viella (it. viella) – viella (medieval bowed instrument), the same as viola
Vielle organisce (fr. vielle organise) – a lyre with a rotary wheel, strings and a small organ device; Haydn wrote 5 concertos and pieces for her
geteilt(German vierhandich) – 4-hand
Vierklang (German vierklang) – seventh chord
Viertaktig (German firtaktich) – count 4 beats each
Viertel (German viertel), Viertelnote (viertelnote) – 1/4 note
Viertelschlag (German viertelshlag) – clock quarters
Vierteltonmusik (German firteltonmusik) – quarter-tone music
Vierundsechszigstel (German firundzehstsikhstel), Vierundsechszigstelnote (firundzehstsikhstelnote) – 1/64 note
Vif (fr. vif) – lively, fast, ardent, hot
Vigore (it. vigore) – cheerfulness , energy; con vigore (con vigore), Vigoroso(vigorózo) – cheerfully, energetically
Vihuela (Spanish: vihuela) – vihuela: 1) a plucked instrument common in Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries; 2) viola
Vihuela de brazo (vihuela de bráso) – shoulder viola (bowed instrument)
Villageois (French Vilyazhuá) – rural, rural
Villancico (Spanish Villancico) – 1) song genre in Spain 15-16 centuries; 2) type of cantata; literally, the village song
Villanella (it. villanella) – villanella (song genre in Italy in the 16-17th century); literally, a village song
Viol (eng. vayel) – viola (an old bowed instrument)
Viola (German viola) – viola (bowed instrument), viola
Viola(it. viola) – 1) viola (an old bowed instrument); 2) (it. viola, eng. vióule) – viola (modern bowed instrument); 3) one of the registers of the organ
Viola bastarda (it. viola bastarda) – a kind of viola da gamba
Viola da braccio (viola da braccio) – shoulder viola
Viola da gamba (viola da gamba) – 1) knee viola; 2) one of the registers of the organ
Viola d’amore (viola d’amore) – viol d’amour (bowed instrument, popular in the 18th century)
Viola da spalla (viola da spalla) – shoulder viola (a kind of viola da braccio)
Viola di bardone, Viola di bordone(viola di bardone, viola di bordone) – a bowed instrument similar to viola da gamba; Haydn wrote a large number of works for him; the same as bardone or baritone
Viola piccola (viola piccola) – small viola
Viola pomposa (viola pomposa) – 5-string bowed instrument (used by Graun, Telemann)
Viole (fr. viol) – viola (old bowed instrument)
Viole d’ amore (viol d’amour) – viol d’amour (bowed instrument, popular in the 18th century)
Violent (fr. violan), Violente (it. violente), con violenza (con violenza) – violently, furiously
Violet (eng. vayelit) – variety. viol d’amour
Violetta (it. Violetta) – name. viols of small sizes
Violin (English váyelin), Violine (German violine), Violino (Italian violino) –
Violinabend violin (German violináband) – concert violin soloist
Violini primi (Italian violini accept) – 1st
Violini violins secondi (violini secondi) – 2nd violins
Violinmusik (German violinmusik) – violin music
Violino piccolo (it. violino piccolo) – old small violin
Violino prirno (it. violino primo) – concertmaster of the orchestra (1st violinist)
Violinschlüssel ( German violinschlussel) –
Violon treble clef(French cello) – violin
Violon solo (violon solo) – concertmaster of the orchestra (1st violinist)
Violoncell (German cello), Violoncelle (French cello), Violoncello (it. cello, English vayelenchello) – cello
Violoncello piccolo (it. cello piccolo) – old. 5-string cello (used by J.S. Bach) Violone (
it . violone) – double bass
viol Virginal _ _
(it. virgola) – the tail of the notes; literally, a comma
Virgule (French virgule) – melisma in music of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Virtuos (German virtuoz), Virtuose (fr. virtuoz), Virtuoso (it. virtuoso, engl. vetyuoz) – virtuoso
Virtuosita (it. virtuozita), Virtuosität (germ. virtuozitet), Virtuosité (fr. virtuozite), Virtuosity (english ) . vétyuoziti) – virtuosity, skill
Vista (it. whist) – look, vision; a prima vista (a prima vista) – read from a sheet; literally, at first sight
Vistamente (it. vistamente), Visto (visto) – soon, quickly
Vite(it. vitae) – bow screw
Vite (fr. vit), Vitement (vitman) – soon, quickly
Vitesse (vites) – speed; sans vitesse (san vites) – not quickly
Vittoriosamente (It. Vittoriozamente) – victorious, victorious
Vittorioso (Vittoriozo) – victorious, victorious
Vivace (It. Vivache), Vivamente (Vivamente), Vivo (Vivo) – quickly, lively; rather than allegro, but less soon than presto
Vivacissimo (vivachissimo) – extremely soon
Viva voce (it. viva vóche) – in a loud voice
Vivente (it. vivente), con vivezza (con vivezza),Vivido (vivido) – lively
Vocal (French vocals, English vocals), Vocale (Italian vocals) – vocal
Vocalise (French vocalizations), Vocalizzo (Italian vocals) – vocalization
Vocal score (English vocals skóo) – transcription vocal and symphonic score for piano and voices
Voce (it. voche) – 1) voice; 2) part of the vote; colla voce (colla voche) – follow the part of the voice; a due voci (a due voci) – for 2 votes; a voce sola (a voche sola) – for one voice
Voce di petto (it. voche di petto) – chest register
Voce di testa (voche di testa) – head register
Voce intonata (it. vbche intotonata) – clear voice
Voce pastosa (voche pastosa) – flexible voice
Voce rauca (voche ráuka) – hoarse voice
Voces aequales (Latin voces ekuales) – homogeneous voices (only male, female, children)
Voces inaequales (lat. voces inekuales) – heterogeneous voices
Voces musicales (lat. voces musicales) – solmization syllables (ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la)
Vogelstimme (German fógelshtimme) – bird voice; wie eine Vogelstimme (vi aine fógelshtimme) – like bird singing [Mahler. Symphony No. 2]
Voglia (it. Volya) – desire; a voglia (and volya) – at will; con voglia(kon volya) – passionately, passionately
Voice (eng. voice) – voice
Voice band (voice band) – vocal jazz ensemble
Voice of great compass (voice ov great campes) – voice of an extensive range
Voice leading (eng. voice leader) – voice
leading Voilé (fr. voile) – deaf, muffled
Voisin (fr. voisin) – related, related [tone]
Voix (fr. vá) – voice
Voix blanche (vá blanche) – white voice (no timbre)
Voix de poitrine (vá de puatrin) – chest register
Voix de tête (vu de tet) – head register
Voix sombré (vu sombre) – sombre voice
Voix céleste (vá seleste) – one of the registers of the organ, literally, the heavenly voice
Voix mixtes (fr. voie mixed) – mixed voices
Vokal (German vocal) – vocal
Vokalmusik (German vocal music) – vocal music
Volando (it. Volando) – flying, fleetingly, fluttering
Volante (volánte) – flying, fluttering
Volata (it. voláta); volatina (volatin) – roulade
Vol joyeux (French vol joieux) – joyful flight [Skryabin]
Volkslied (German Volkslid) – Nar. song
Volkston (German fólkston) – couples. character [in art]; im Volkston(German fólkston) – in the spirit of folk art
Volkstümlich (German fólkstümlich) – folk, popular
Volksweise (German fólksweise) – folk melody
Voll (German fol) – full
Voiles Werk (German fólles werk) – the sound of “full organ ”(org. tutti)
Voiles volles Zeitmaß (German fólles zeitmas) – strictly in tempo and rhythm
Volltönig (German foltenich) – sonorously
Volonté (fr. volonte) – 1) will; 2) desire, whim; à volonté (and volonte) – at will, as you like
Volta (it. Volta) – 1) times; prima volta (prima volta) – 1st time; seconda volta (seconda volta) – 2nd time; due voltage(due vólte) – 2 times; 2) starin, fast dance
Voltare (it. voltare), voltate (voltate) – turn over, turn over
Voltare la pagina (voltare la página) – turn the page
Volti (volta) – turn over [page]
Volti subito (volta subito) – turn over immediately
Volteggiando ( it . voltedzhándo), Volteggiato (
volteggiato ) – fast, flexible, easy , English volume) – I) volume; 2) Volume Voluntary
(English Volenteri) – free compositions for solo organ, performed in the Anglican Church
Voluptueux (French voluptuyo) – with pleasure
Voluta (It. volute) – curl of the pegbox
Vom Anfang (German fom ánfang) – first
Vom Blatt spielen (German . fom blat spielen) – play from the sheet
Von hier an (German von hir an) – from here [play]
Vorausnahme (German foráusname) –
Vorbereiten (German forbereiten) – prepare, prepare
Vordersatz (German forderzats) – 1 -th sentence of the musical period
Vorgänger (German forgenger) – 1st voice in the canon
Vorgetragen (German forgetragen) – to perform; for example,innig
Vorgetragen (innih forgetragen) – perform sincerely
Vorhalt (German forhalt) – detention
Vorher (German forher), vorhin (forhin) – before, before that; wie vorher (vi forher), wie vorhin (vi forhin) – as before
Vorig (German forich) – former
Voriges Zeitmaß (foriges tsáytmas) – former tempo
Vorsänger (German forzenger) – sang
Vorschlag (German forshlag) –
grace note Vorschlagsnote (German forschlagsnote) – auxiliary note
Vorspiel (German forshpiel) – prelude, introduction
Vortanz(German fórtants) – in a pair of dances – the first, usually slow
Vortrag (German fórtrag) – performance of
Vortragsbezeichnungen (German fórtragsbezeichnungen) – signs of performance
Vorwärts (German fórvaerts) – forward, with
Vorzeichen (German fortsayhen), Vorzeichnung (fortsayhnung) – accidentals in the key
Vox (lat. vox) – voice
Vox acuta (vox akuta) – high voice
Vox humana (vox humana) .- 1) human voice; 2) one of the organ registers
Vox angelica (vox angelica) – one of the registers of the organ, literally, the angelic voice of
Vox virginea(vox virgina) – one of the registers of the organ, literally, the girl’s voice
Voyez (fr. vuayé) – see [page, volume]
Vue (fr. vu) – look; à première vue (a premier vue) – [play] from a sheet; literally, at first sight
Vuota (it. vuota) – empty [instruction to play on an open string]
Vuota battuta (vuota battuta) – general pause; literally, an empty beat Verklingen lassenbr /bb/bbr /bb/b

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