Music Terms – B
Music Terms

Music Terms – B

B (German be) – the letter designation of the B-flat sound; (English bi) – letter designation. sound si
B nach A (German be nah a) – rebuild B-flat into la
B Quadrat (German be square) – bekar; the same as Widerrufungszeichen
In Quadratum (lat. be quadratum) –
becar Baccanale (it. bakkanale)
Bacchanal (German bakkanal), Bacchanale (fr. bakkanal), Bacchanaiia (eng. bekeneyliye) – bacchanalia, a holiday in honor of Bacchus
Bacchetta ( it. bakketta) – 1) conductor’s baton; 2) stick for a percussion instrument; 3) shaft of the bow
Bacchetta con la testa di feltro duro (it baccatta con la testa di feltro duro) – a stick with a head made of hard felt
Bacchetta di ferro (baccetta di ferro) – metal, a stick
Bacchetta di giunco ​​con la testa di saros (baccetta di junco con la testa di kapok) – reeds, kapok-headed stick [Stravinsky. “Soldier’s Story”]
Bacchetta di legno (bacchetta di legno) – wooden stick
Bacchetta di spugna (bacchetta di spugna) – stick with sponge head
Bacchetta di tarnburo (bacchetta di tamburo) – drum
stick Bacchetta di timpani (bacchetta di timpani)  timpani
stick_ _
(English background) – musical or noise accompaniment; literally von
Badinage (fr. badinage), Badinerie (badineri) – a joke, a prank; the name of scherzo-like pieces in suites of the 18th century.
Bagatella (It. Bagatella), Bagatelle (French Bagatelle, English Bagatelle), Bagatelle (German Bagatelle) – trifle, trifle, trifle; name a small piece, simple in content and easy to perform
Bagpipe (eng. bagpipe) – Baguette bagpipe
( fr. baguette) – 1) bow shaft; 2) stick for percussion instrument
Baguette a tete en feutre dur( baguette a tete
en feutre dur) – a stick with a head made of hard felt baguette de fair) – metal, stick Baguette en jonc a tete en saros en kapok) – a reed stick with a kapok head [Stravinsky. “Soldier’s Story”] Baile (Spanish baile) – dance, dance, ball, ballet Baisser (French Besse) – lower Balancement (French balanceman) – 1) a special way of playing the clavichord; 2) melism, which was used in the 18th century; literally swaying Balg
(German Balg), Blasebalge (blazebelge) – furs for pumping air (in the organ)
Ballabile (it. ballabile) – 1) dance; 2) ballet; 3) ballabil – dancing, an episode in the opera, ballet
Ballad (English belad), Ballade (belad) – 1) ballad; 2) a slow play and performance style in pop, music, jazz
Ballade (French ballad), Ballade (German ballade) – ballad
Ballad-opera (English, belad opera) – an opera whose music is taken from folk popular songs
Bailare (it . ballare) – dance, dance
Ballata (it. ballata) – a ballad, a ballata– in the style of a ballad
Ballet (French bale, English bell), Ballett (German ballet) –
balletto (it. balletto) – 1) ballet; 2) little dance; 3) dance pieces in fast movement such as allemande; 4) chamber suites consisting of dances (17-18 centuries)
Ballo (it, ballo) – ball, ballet, dance, dance
Ballonzare (it. Ballonzare), Ballonzolare (ballonzollare) – dance, dance
Ballonzolo (ballonzolo) – dance
Band ( English beid) – 1) instrumental ensemble; 2) playing with the whole orchestra (jazz, term); the same as tutti
Band (German band) – volume
Banda (Italian band) – 1) spirit. orchestra; 2) an additional group of brass instruments in opera and symphony orchestra;
Band sul palco(gang sul palko) – a group of brass wind instruments located on the stage
Bandola (Spanish bandola) – a plucked instrument like the
Banjo lute (English benjou) – banjo
Bar (English baa) – 1) beat; 2)
Barbaro (It. Barbaro) – wildly, sharply
Barcarola (It. Barcarolle), Barcarolle (French Barcarolle, English Bacarole) – Barcarolle (song of the crown, gondoliers)
Bard (English baad), Barde (German. barde), Barde(French bard), Bardo (it. bardo) – bard (popular singer among the ancients, Celtic tribes)
Bardone (it. bardone), viola di bardone (viola di bardone), viola di bordone (viola di bordone) – a bowed instrument similar to viola da gamba; the same as baritone
Bariplage (fr. bariolizh) – the technique of playing bowed instruments (quick alternate extraction of sounds on adjacent strings – open and pressed)
Bariton (German baritone) – baritone (male voice)
Baritone, barytone (English baritone) – baritone; 1) husband voice; 2) brass instrument
Baritono (it. baritono) – baritone 1) male. voice;2) brass instrument (same as eufonio); 3) string instrument (Haydn wrote a large number of works for him); the same as bardone, viola di bardone, viola di bordone
Barkarolle (German: barkarble) – Barcarole
Bar-line (English baalein) –
Barocco barline (It. Baroque) – 1) bizarre, strange; 2) Baroque style
Barre (French bar), Barre de mesure (bar de mesure) – barre barre
( French bar) – 1) bowed instruments spring; 2) shteg at the piano
Barrel-organ (English berel ogen) – barrel organ
Baryton (French baritone) – baritone (male voice)
Baryton(German baritone) – 1) bowed instrument (Haydn wrote a large number of works for him); the same as bardone, viola di bardone, viola di bordone; 2) brass wind instrument, the same as Barytonhorn Barytonhorn
( German baritbnhorn ) – brass wind instrument low; plus bas (plus ba) – below [configure); for example, un demi ton plus bas (en demi tone plus ba) – tune 1/2 tone below Bas dessus (fr. ba desu) – low soprano (mezzo soprano) Basis
(Greek bass) – old, naming. bass voice
Baskische Trommel (German: Baskische Trommel) – tambourine; same as Schellentrommel
Baß (German bass), Bass (English bass), Basse (fr. bass) – 1) bass (male voice); 2) the lowest party of polyphonic muses. essays; 3) the general name of low register musical instruments
Bassa (it. bass) – 1) starin, dance; 2) low, lower
Bassa ottava (it. bass ottava) – [play] an octave below
Baßbalken (German basbalken), Bass bar (English bass baa) – spring for bowed instruments
Bass clarinet(English bass clarinet) – bass clarinet
Bass-clef (eng. bass clef) – bass clef
Bass-drum (eng. bass drum) – big. drum
Basse à pistones (French bass and piston) – baritone (brass instrument)
Basse chiffrée (French bass cipher) – digital bass
Basse-clef (French bass clef) – bass clef
Basse continue (French bass continu) – digital (continuous) bass
Basse contrainte (French bass counter) – a recurring theme in the bass; the same as basso ostinato
Basse-contre (fr. bass counter) – low bass voice
Basse danse (fr. bass Dane) – old smooth dance
Basse double(fr. bass double) – contra bass
Basses d’Alberti (fr. bass d’Alberti) – Alberti basses
Basse-taille (French bass thai) – baritone (starin, the name of the male voice)
Basset-horn (English beeit) hoon), Bassett-horn (German baseetkhbrn) – basset
horn Baßflöte (German .basfleute), Bass flute in C (English bass flute in si) – albizifon (bass flute)
Bass flute in G (bass flute in ji) – alto flute
 (German basshorn), bass horn (English bass hoon) – basshorn (wind instrument)
Bassi (it. Bassi) – 1) double basses; 2) an instruction to play double basses and cellos together
Bassi di Alberti(it. bassi di Alberti) – Albertian basses
Baßklarinette (German, basklarinette) – bass clarinet
Baßkiausel (German Basklausel) – bass voice move (from D to T) with full and perfect cadanse
Baßlaute (German baslaute) – bass lute
Basso (it .basso) – 1) bass (male voice); 2) the lowest party of polyphonic muses. essays; 3) double bass; 4) common name. low register musical instruments; literally low, low
Basso buffo (it. basso buffo) – comic bass
Basso cantante (it. basso cantante) – high bass
Basso cifrato (it. basso cifrato) – digital bass
Basso continuo(it. basso continuo) – digital (continuous) bass
Basso di camera (it. basso di camera) – a small double bass
Basso generate (it. basso generale) – 1) digital bass (bass general); 2) starin, called. teachings about harmony
Basson (French basson), Bassoon (English besun) – bassoon
Basso numerate (it. basso numerato) – digital bass
Basso ostinato (it. basso ostinato) – a recurring theme in the bass; literally stubborn bass
Basso profundo (It. basso profundo) – deep (low) bass
Basso seguente (It. basso seguente) – bass
general Baßiposaune(German bassozaune) – bass trombone
Baßischlüssel (German basschlüssel) – bass key
Bass-string (eng. bass string) – bass (the lowest tone string for bowed instruments)
Bass trombone (eng. bass trombone) bass trombone
Baßitrompcte (ger. bastrompete ), Bass trumpet (eng. bass trampit) – bass trumpet
Baßtuba (German bastuba), Bass tuba (English bass tube) – bass tuba
Baton (English beten), Bâton (French baton) – conductor’s baton
Battement (French batman) – I ) starin, decoration (kind of trill); 2) beating (in acoustics)
Battere il tempo(it. battere il tempo) – beat the beat
Battere la musica (it. battere la music) – conduct
Batterie (fr. batry) – a group of several percussion instruments
Battery (eng. battery) – decorations
Battre (fr. batre) – beat
Battre la mesure (batre la mesure) – beat the beat, conduct
Battuta (it. battuta) – 1) blow; 2) tact; 3) conductor’s baton
Bauernflöte (German bauernflete) – one of the registers of the organ
Be (German Be) – flat
Beak (English beak) – the mouthpiece of the wooden wind instrument
Beantwortung(German beantvortung) – 1) the answer in the fugue; 2) imitating voice in the canon
Bearbeitung (German bearbeitung) –
beat arrangement (English beat) – 1) beat, beat the beat; 2) strong metric share; 3) rhythmic intensity of performance (jazz term); literally hit Beat time (eng. beat time) – beat the beat
Beaucoup (fr. side) – a lot, very
Bebisatio (it. babyzation) –
Bebop solmization (English bebop) – one of the styles of jazz, art; the same as bop, rebop
Bebung (German bebung) – a special way of playing the clavichord; literally trembling
Bee (French back), Jesso (It. backko) – the mouthpiece of woodwind instruments
Bécarre (French backer) – bekar
Becken(German backken) – cymbals Becken an der grossen
Trommel befestigt (German backken an der grossen trommel befestiht) – a plate attached to a large. drum
Becken aufgehängt (German: backken aufgehengt) – suspended cymbal
Bedächtig (German: bedehtich) – thoughtfully, slowly
Bedeutend (German: badoytend) – significantly; eg Bedeutend langsamer – much slower than
Bedeutungsvoll (German bedoytungs-fol) – with the meaning of
Beffroi (French Befroy) – tom-tom; literally the alarm bell
Begeisterung ( German begaysterung ) inspiration , delight
Beggar’s opera (English beges opera) – the beggar ‘s opera beginning (ez et de biginin) – as at the beginning of Begleitend (German bagleytend) – accompanying, in the nature of accompaniment Begleitung (bagleitung) – accompaniment Begleitend ein wenig verschleiert
(German bagleytend ain wenih faerschleiert) – to accompany slightly veiled
Béguine (French begin) – begin (Latin American dance)
Behagüch (German behaglich) – calmly, peacefully
Beide (German bayde) – both
Beinahe (German baynae) – almost
Beinahe doppelt so langsam (bainae doppelt zo langsam) – almost twice as slow as Beinahe
doppelt so schnell (bainae doppelt so schnel) – almost twice as fast; literally beautiful singing Belebend (German Beléband), Belebt (belebt) – lively, animated Bell
(English bel) – 1) bell, bell; 2) bell [for wind instruments]
Bells (belz) – bells
Bellico (it. bellico), Bellicosamente (bellicozamente), Bellicoso (bellicoso), Belliqueux (fr. belike) – militantly
Bellows (eng. belous) – furs for injection, air (in the organ)
Belly (English white) – 1) soundboard at the piano; 2) the upper deck of the stringed instruments
Bémol (French Bemol), Bemolle (Italian Bemolle) – flat
Bemolisée (French Bemolize) – a note with a flat
Ben, bene (Italian ben, bene) – good, very, as it should
Bend (eng. band) – a technique of jazz, performance, in which the taken sound decreases slightly, and then returns to its original height; literally bend
Benedictus (lat. benedictus) – “Blessed” – the beginning of one of the parts of the mass and the requiem
Beneplacido (it. beneplacido) – at will, as you please
Ben marcato (it. ben marcato) – clearly, well highlighting
Ben marcato il canto ( ben marcato il canto) – highlighting the topic well
Ben tenuto (it. ben tenuto) – maintaining [sound]
well Bequadro (it. backquadro) –
becar Bequem (German backveym) – comfortable, calm
Berceuse ( fr. bereez) – lullaby
Bergamasca (it. Bergamaska), Bergamasque (fr. bergamask) – a dance (and a chant for it) of the province of Bergamo in Italy
Bergerette (
fr . berzheret) – a shepherd’s song folk dance Beruhigend (German beruigend) – calming down Beschleunigen (German Beschleinigen) – speed up Beschlu ß (German beshlyus) – conclusion Beschwingt (German beshwingt) – swaying; leicht beschwingts (leicht beschwingt) – slightly swaying [R. Strauss. “The Life of a Hero”] Besetzung (German Besetzung) – composition of [ensemble, orc., choir] Besonders
(German betonders) – especially, exclusively
Bestimmt (German beshtimt) – definitely, decisively
Betont (German betont) – emphasizing, emphatically
Betonung (German betonung) – accent, emphasis
Bevortretend (German befortretend) – highlighting
Bewegt (German .bevegt) – 1 ) agitated; 2) mobile, lively [tempo]
Bewegter (bevegter) – more mobile; livelier
Bewegung (German bevegung) – movement
Bez ifferter Ba ß (German beciferter bass) – digital bass
Bezug (German bezug) – 1) a set of strings for instruments; 2)
Biancabow hair (it bianca) – 1/2 (note); literally, white
Bicinium (lat. Bicinium) – 2-voice singing (mid-century term)
Bien (French bien) – good, very, much
Bien articul
 é (French bien articule) – very distinctly
Bien en dehors (French bien en deor ) – well highlighting
Bien forcer avec soin les notes (fr. Bien forcer avec soin le note) – carefully emphasize individual notes [Boulez]
Biffara (it. Biffar), Bifra (bifra) – one of the registers of the
Big band (English .big band) – 1) jazz consisting of 14-20 musicians; 2) jazz style, performance (by groups or tutti)
Big beat(English big beat) – one of the styles of modern, pop music, music; literally a big beat
Bild (German bild) – picture
Binaire (fr. biner) – 2-beat [bar, size]
Bind (eng. bind), Bindebogen (German bindebogen) – league
Bis (lat. bis) – repeat, perform designation. excerpt 2 times Bis (German bis)
Bis auf den (bis auf den) – up to [something]
Bis zum Zeichen (bis tsum tsáykhen) – up to the
Bisbiglando sign (it. bizbiliando) – 1) in a whisper; 2) view of the tremolo on the harp
Bischiero (It. Bischiero) – peg at bowed instruments
Biscroma ( It . Biscroma )  1/32 (note) Bisogna (
It . bison) – follows, it is necessary bitonality Bitterüch (German bitterlich) – bitterly Bizzarro (It. bidzarro), con bizzarria (con bidzaria) – strange, bizarre Black- bottom (English blackbotham) – Amer. Blanche dance (French blanche) – ‘/2 (note); literally white Blasebälge (German blazebeyage) – bellows for blowing air (in the organ)
Bläser (German blazer), Blasinstrumente (blazinstrumente) – wind instruments
Blas-Quintett (German blaz-quintet) – quintet of wind instruments
Blatt (German blat) – 1) a reed for woodwind instruments; 2 ) tongue at the
pipes of the organ -chord (English block code) – block chord – a chord of 5 sounds, closed within an octave (jazz, term) Blockflöt
(German blockflöte) – 1) longitudinal flute;
2) one of the registers of the Blue organ (English blue) – blue, dull, depressed
Blue notes (blue notes) – blues notes (major and minor steps lowered by approximately 1/4 tone); Blue scale (blue scale) – blues scale (jazz term)
Blues (English blues) – 1) the song genre of American blacks; 2) slow tempo in US dance music
Bluette (French bluet) – a trinket,
a piece of Bossa (It. Bocca) – mouth, a Bocca chiusa (and Bocca Chiusa) – singing with a closed mouth
Bocchino (It. Boccano) – 1) mouthpiece on brass instruments; 2)
Bockear cushion (German side), groß Bock (groc side) –
Bockstriller bagpipe (German boxstriller) – Boden uneven trill
(German boden) – the lower deck of stringed instruments
Bogen (German bogen) – 1) bow; 2) crown of brass instruments
Bogen Wechseln (bógen wexeln) – change the bow
Bogenführung (German bogenfürung) – sound extraction techniques with a bow
Bogeninstrumente (German bogeninstrumente) – bowed instruments
Bogenmitte (German bogenmitte) – [play] with the middle of the bow
Bogenstrich (German . bbgenshtrich) – a stroke on bowed instruments
Bogenwechsel (German Bogenwechsel) – change of the bow
Bois (French bois) – woodwind instrument
Boisterous bourree(English boyssteres bure) – frantic bourre [Britten. Simple symphony]
Boite a musique (French buat a music) – music. box
Bolero (It., Spanish bolero) – bolero (Islan. dance)
Bombarda (It. bombard), Bombarde (French bonbard), Bombart (German bombart), Bomhard (bomhart), Bommert (bommert) – bo mbarda : 1) an old woodwind instrument (an ancestor of the bassoon); 2) one of the organ registers
Bombardon (French bonbardon), Bombardon (German bombardon), Bombardone (Italian bombardone) – bombardon: 1) an old woodwind instrument;2) a brass wind instrument of low tessitura (19th century); 3) one of the registers of the
Bombo organ (it. bombo) – starin, term, designation. fast repetition of the same note
Bon (fr. bon) – good, significant
Bonang (bonang) – a set of small gongs
Bones (eng. bonz) – castanets; literally bones
Bongos (bongos) – bongos (percussion instrument of Latin American origin)
Boogie woogie (English boogie woogie) – boogie-woogie: 1) the style of playing the piano; 2) dance of the 30s. 20th century
Bop (English bop) – one of the styles of jazz, art; the same as bebop, rebop
Bordone (it. bordbne), Bordun (German bordun) – bourdon: 1) continuous and unchanging in pitch sound of open strings of plucked and bowed instruments; 2) a constantly lingering low sound of a bagpipe; 3) type of organ station; 4) one of the registers of the
Bossa nova organ (Portuguese bossa nova) – lat.- Amer. dance
Bottiglie ( it. bottille), Bottles ( eng. bottles), Bouteilles ( fr .
butey ) – bottles (used as a percussion instrument
) bud), button (eng. batn) – a button for bowed instruments Bouche (fr. bush ) – 1) mouth;2) blow hole for Bouché wind instruments
(fr. bouche) – closed [sound on the horn]
Bouchez (bouche) – close
Bouche fermée (fr. bouche ferme) – [sing] with your mouth closed
Bouche ouverte (bouche ouverte) – [sing] with your mouth open
Bouchon (fr. bushon) – cork (at the flute)
Bouffe (fr. buff) – buffoon, comic
Bouffon (fr. buffon) – jester, comic artist. operas of the 18th century
Bouffonade (French buffoonery), Bouffonerie (buffoonery) – buffoonery, comic performance
Bounce (English bounce) – 1) perform elastically, pulling back beats; 2) moderate tempo (jazz term)
Bourdon(French bourdon, English buedn) – bourdon: 1) continuous and unchanging in pitch sound of open strings of plucked and bowed instruments; 2) a constantly lingering low sound of a bagpipe; 3) type of organ station; 4) one of the registers of the organ
Bourrée (fr. bure) – bourre (old, french round dance, dance)
Bout (fr. boo) – end; du bout de l’archet (du bout de larche) – [play] with the end of the bow
Boutade (fr. butad) – butad: 1) a cheerful dance; 2) a small impromptu ballet; 3) instrumental fantasy
Bow (English bow) – a bow; Bowing (bowin) – sound extraction techniques with a bow
Bow-hair(English bow hee) – bow
hair (eng. bowed instruments) – bowed instruments
Bow-tip (eng. bowtip) – the end of the bow; with the bow-tip (wiz de bowtip) – [play] with the end of the bow
Brace (eng. brace) – accolade
Branle (fr. bran) – french. dance of the 16th century)
Brass (English bras), Brass-instruments (bras instruments) – brass wind instruments
Brass band (English bras bznd) – 1) wind orc .; 2) instrumental ensembles of North-Amer. blacks playing on the streets
Bratsche (German bratshe) – viola (bowed instrument)
Bravoure(French bravura), bravura (Italian bravura) – bravura
Bravurstück (German bravurshtyuk) – bravura piece
Break (English break) – small. melodic improvisation performed without rhythm. accompaniment (jazz, term); literally break
Brechen (German Brechen) – arpeggiate
Bref (French Bref) – short, short
Breit (German Bright) – wide
Breiten Strich (German Bright stroke); Breit gestrichen (bright gestrichen) – [play] with a wide bow movement
Breve (it. breve) – 1) short, short; 2) a note equal in duration to 2 whole notes
Breviss(lat. brevis) – the 3rd largest duration in
Bridge mensural notation (English bridge) – I) in zstradn. music, jazz, the middle modulating part of the piece; 2) shteg at the piano; 3) a stand for bowed instruments; at the bridge (at de bridge) – [play] at the stand
Bright (eng. bright) – bright, clear, lively
Bright swingly (bright swinley) – jazz, a term denoting a fairly fast pace
Bright rock (bright rock) – fast rock-n-roll
Brillant (French Briyan), Brillante (It. Brillants) – brilliant
Brille (German Brill) – ring valve (for wind instruments), the same as Ring-klappen
Brindisi(It. Brindisi) – drinking song
Brio (it. brio) – liveliness, gaiety, excitement; con brio (con brio), Brioso (brioso) – lively, fun, excited
Brisé (fr. breeze) – broken, broken [chords]
Broad (English broad), Broadly (broadley) – wide.
Broderies (fr. Brodry) – 1) jewelry; 2) auxiliary notes
Bruissement (fr. bruissmann) rustle, rustle
Bruit (fr. bruy) – noise; Bruyant (bryuyan) – noisy
Bruitisme (bruitism) – noise music
Brumeux (fr. brume) – foggy, as if in a fog [Skryabin]
Brummstimme(German brumshtimme) – singing without words
Brummtopf ( German brumtopf) – percussion instrument (the sound is extracted by lightly rubbing a wet finger on the membrane) Brunette ( fr
brunet ) – pastoral
song ) – brushes for drums (in jazz) Brusque (French brusque), Brusquement (bruskeman) – roughly, sharply, suddenly Brusque presser (brusque presse) – sharply speed up Brustregister (German brustregister) – chest register Bruststimme (German brustshtimme) – chest voice Brustwerk (German brustwerk) – a group of organ registersBrutal
(German brutal) – roughly [Hindemith. “Harmony of the World”]
Buca (it. beech), Buco (buco) – a sound hole for wind instruments
Buccina, bucinas (lat. buccina, bucina) – buccina: 1) a large pipe from the ancients, the Romans; 2) in Wednesdays, centuries – signal horn
Buchstabenschrift (German buchshtabenshrift) – literal. notation Buffo (it. buffo) – 1) comedian; 2) comic, funny;
Buffonata ( buffonata) – buffoonery, buffoonery comic
buffonesco – comically, clownishly
(German Bugelhorn) – 1) signal horn; 2) family of brass wind instruments
Bugle (French bugle) – bugelhorn (family of brass wind instruments)
Bugle alto (bugle alto) – altohorn
Bugle tenor (bugle tenor) – tenorhorn
Bugle (English bugle) – 1) hunting horn, horn, signalhorn; 2) bugelhorn (a family of brass wind instruments)
Bugle á clef (fr. bugl a clef) – a horn with valves (brass wind instrument)
Bühnenmusik (German bünenmusik) – 1) music performed on stage – in opera or operetta; 2) music for dramas, performances.
Bünde (German bünde) – the frets of the
Burden stringed plucked instruments(English badn) – 1) chorus, refrain; 2) the bass voice of the bagpipe
Burdoun (English beedun) – bourdon: 1) the sound of open strings of plucked and bowed instruments, continuous and unchanged in height; 2) a constantly lingering low sound of a bagpipe; 3) type of organ station; 4) one of the registers of the
Burla organ (it. Burla) – a joke, a small piece of music. a play of a humorous character
Burlando (burlando) – playfully, playfully
Burlesca (it. burlesque) – a play in a playful spirit
Burlesque (French burlesque, English belesque) – burlesque, parody, funny, comic
Burletta (it. burletta) – vaudeville
Bussando (it. bussando) – tapping
Bussato (bussato) – strongly, loudly
Bussolotto (it. bussoloto) – a bell for wind instruments

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