Let’s see if it is possible to put metal strings on a classical guitar

Let’s see if it is possible to put metal strings on a classical guitar

Musicians who perform compositions on this type of plucked string instrument prefer to use nylon strings. The first three strings are nylon parts only; bass strings are also made of nylon, but wound with silver-plated copper.

The combination of these materials ensures high sound quality.

Can you put metal strings on a classical guitar?

Beginners often ask: is it possible to put metal strings on a classical guitar. Experienced performers answer in the negative. Iron strings are not suitable for such an instrument, as they bend the fingerboard a lot . A classical guitar cannot withstand such tension, so its design suffers.

Is it possible to stretch iron strings

Let’s see if it is possible to put metal strings on a classical guitarMetal strings are not used on classical guitars because they have more tension than nylon strings. They are for the following tools:

  1. Concert guitar.
  2. Jazz guitars.
  3. Electric guitars.

Their advantage is a sonorous sound. The steel base, together with the windings of various materials, provides a good bass sound with various shades. Winding happens:

  1. Bronze: Produces a bright but hard sound.
  2. Silver: Provides a soft sound.
  3. Nickel, stainless steel: used for electric guitars.

A classical guitar with metal strings is not an acceptable option, since the neck of this instrument does not have an anchor , the nut is weak, the internal springs are not designed for the tension exerted by the iron strings. As a result , the neck can lead, the deck can be damaged, and the nut can be pulled out.

Possible alternatives

A variety of nylon strings are titanyl and carbon. The main differences between them are the tension force, hard or soft. Musicians install both sets on one instrument: basses and trebles.

Among the nylon strings there are “flamenco” – samples with an aggressive sound. To perform compositions in the flamenco style, special instruments are used.

Therefore, “flamenco” strings are suitable for just such a guitar: if you install them on another instrument, the timbre may change.

Instead of output

The classical guitar is not recommended for use with metal strings – this instrument is not designed for heavy iron strings. Therefore, experienced musicians recommend installing nylon strings.

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