Sazsyrnay: 악기, 구성, 소리, 사용에 대한 설명

Sazsyrnay: 악기, 구성, 소리, 사용에 대한 설명

Sazsyrnay is an ancient folk wind musical instrument of Kazakhstan.

According to the principle of operation, it is similar to a flute, but it looks more like a goose egg. Often it was made in the form of a sitting bird, decorated with images of a deity, thematic ornaments and covered with glaze.

Sazsyrnay: 악기, 구성, 소리, 사용에 대한 설명

This simple device is capable of making a sound reminiscent of the howling of the wind, the clatter of hooves, the splashing of water, or the cheerful chirping of birds.

For the manufacture of saz cheese, clay is traditionally used with the addition of animal hair for greater strength. Its name consists of two words “saz syrnay”, which translates as “clay” and “musical instrument”. It is hollow inside with a main hole through which the musician blows. On the sides there are 6 holes of different diameters, which are pinched with fingers to change the tone.

Young performers strive to revive the musical culture of their ancestors and learn how to play the sazsyrnai. Due to the increase in popularity, the Kazakh instrument can be increasingly heard at specialized performances or as part of folklore ensembles. In experienced hands, its sound is able to convey to the listeners the atmosphere of ancient times and revive the spirit of the steppe in the imagination.

Сазсырнай-Желсіз түнде жарық ай-Нурасем Жаксыбай

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