Fanfare : 무엇입니까, 악기의 역사, 소리, 사용

Fanfare : 무엇입니까, 악기의 역사, 소리, 사용

When in theatrical performances it becomes necessary to indicate the beginning, the end, the grandiose denouement of an event, a piercing, expressive sound sounds. He conveys to the viewer an atmosphere of anxiety or militancy in dramatic, military scenes. In today’s world, you can increasingly hear fanfare in computer Plays. She does not participate in symphonic works, but is a kind of historical attribute.

What is a fanfare

The tool belongs to the copper group. In the sources of musical literature, it is designated as “fanfare”. The classic version is similar to a bugle, has no valves, and is distinguished by a narrower scale. Has a curved tube, mouthpiece. The sound is extracted by exhaling air with different pressures with a certain setting of the lips.

Fanfare : 무엇입니까, 악기의 역사, 소리, 사용

This is a wind musical instrument, which in most cases is used for signaling. Fanfares are able to extract major triads of the natural scale. In Soviet times, the most recognizable was the pioneer fanfare, called the mountain, in the B-flat sound system.

도구의 역사

The historical progenitor is the hunting horn. It was made from animal bones. The hunters gave them alarm signals, their sound marked the beginning of the hunt, he also announced the approach of the enemy. Such or similar instruments were used by different peoples: Indians, Chukchi, Australian aborigines, European feudal lords.

The development of musical craft gave the world the simplest bugles. They became known as fanfares. They were used not only for military formations, they sounded on the stage. Shamans for centuries with the help of such an instrument relieved people of diseases, cast out evil spirits, accompanied the birth of children.

A bright trace in the history of musical performance was left by the fanfare “Aida’s trumpet”. This musical instrument was created specifically for the immortal work of G. Verdi. A pipe 1,5 meters long was equipped with one valve, with the help of which the sound was lowered by a tone.

Fanfare : 무엇입니까, 악기의 역사, 소리, 사용


The purpose of the instrument has remained the same today – solemn sounding, creating an emphasis on important moments, decorating military cinematic scenes. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, fanfare sound was used in marches, operas, symphonic works, overtures by Monteverdi, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Sviridov.

Contemporary music has given it new uses in various genres. Fanfare chords are used by rock musicians, rappers, folk groups. Playrs are especially familiar with these sounds, as most PC Plays start with this sound, which updates the story, and announces the player’s victory or loss.

Fanfare proves that even the most primitive sound can pass through the ages, leaving a mark on musical literature, giving rise to new works, and has the right to use its own voice in different genres.

Trumpet Fanfare by TKA Herald Trumpets

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