Dhol: 악기, 구성, 역사, 사용, 연주 기술에 대한 설명

Dhol: 악기, 구성, 역사, 사용, 연주 기술에 대한 설명

Dhol (dool, dram, duhol) is an ancient musical instrument of Armenian origin, which looks like a drum. Belongs to the percussion class, is a membranophone.


The structure of the duhol resembles a classic drum:

  • Frame. Metal, hollow inside, having the shape of a cylinder. Sometimes equipped with bells for a variety of sound.
  • Membrane. It is located on one, sometimes on both sides of the body. The traditional material of manufacture, which guarantees a rich timbre, is walnut. Alternative options are copper, ceramics. The membrane of modern models is plastic, leather. It is possible to use several bases: bottom – leather, top – plastic or wood.
  • String. A rope connecting the top membrane to the bottom. The sound of the instrument depends on the tension of the string. The free end of the rope sometimes forms a loop that the performer throws over his shoulders for better fixation of the structure, freedom of movement during the Play.

Dhol: 악기, 구성, 역사, 사용, 연주 기술에 대한 설명


Dhol appeared in ancient Armenia: the country had not yet adopted Christianity and worshiped pagan gods. The initial application is to strengthen the warrior spirit before the battle. It was believed that loud sounds would certainly attract the attention of the gods, who would grant victory, help the warriors show valor, courage, and courage.

With the advent of Christianity, duhol mastered other directions: it turned into a constant companion of weddings, holidays, folk festivals. Today, concerts of traditional Armenian music cannot do without it.

플레이 테크닉

They play the dhol with their hands or special sticks (thick ones – copal, thin ones – tchipot). When playing with hands, the drum is placed on the foot, from above the performer presses the structure with his elbow. Blows are applied with palms, fingers in the center of the membrane – the sound is deaf, along the edge (body edge) – to extract a sonorous sound.

Virtuosi, having secured the dhol with a rope, are able to play while standing, even dance, performing a melody.

Дхол, армянские музыкальные инструменты, Armenian musical instruments

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