Рубель: аспаптың сипаттамасы, жасалуы, жаттауы, қолданылуы, ойнау жолы

Рубель: аспаптың сипаттамасы, жасалуы, жаттауы, қолданылуы, ойнау жолы

Among Russian folk musical instruments, this representative of percussion is considered a real work of art. It does not have a clearly defined scale, but it has wide expressive possibilities.

What is a rubel

The instrument is part of the percussion group, is used in folk ensembles, is one of the varieties of rattles. It looks like a wooden board with a handle, the working surface of which consists of rounded edges. The reverse side provides opportunities for creativity. It is decorated with carvings, drawings, intricate patterns and ornaments.

The rubel comes with a wooden mallet, at the end of which there is a ball. Sometimes it is filled with loose material. A rattling sound is played when playing.

Рубель: аспаптың сипаттамасы, жасалуы, жаттауы, қолданылуы, ойнау жолы

Tool making

The history of the old representative of the shock group goes deep into the centuries when there was no electricity and people knew nothing about mechanics, vibrations, scale, musical notation. Musical instruments were made from improvised materials. A board made of oak, beech, mountain ash, ash served as a blank for the rubel. Facets were cut on its surface, they were given a rounded shape. The ends were processed, filed, a handle was cut out, and a resonator slot was cut out on one side of the case. A mallet was made of wood, which was carried out along the scars-rollers with different speeds. There was a loud, booming sound.

How to play rubel

The instrument is placed on your knees, with one hand they hold the handle, and with the other they move with a mallet with a ball at the end. Despite the primitiveness, the possibility of changing the tone is not excluded. To do this, you just need to close the resonator slot, the pitch will change.

In the old days, the rubel was used in rituals, it was played on holidays. Interestingly, the non-working surface was used instead of an iron for ironing clothes. Today, the traditions of playing on a wooden rattle make it possible to create expression, bring brightness to folk works.

Народные музыкальные инструменты - "Рубель"

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