Khomys: tool description, structure, use, legend

Khomys: tool description, structure, use, legend

Khomys is a Khakass musical instrument, which, according to the founder of Khakass professional music, Kenel, is even more ancient than the chatkhan.

The Khakass khomys existed among the Khakas at the beginning of our era, it was made of wood and covered with leather taken from a one-year-old foal. Traditionally it has two strings of untwisted horsehair. Modern options allow you to stretch the classic nylon strings.

Khomys: tool description, structure, use, legend

Khomys was widely known in the past and is now experiencing a second peak in popularity. Traditionally, this stringed plucked musical instrument sounded during the performance of takhpakhs (folk lyrical songs). Once, using a bow during the Play, the Khakass noted a new sound and gave it another name – yykh.

In the modern world, khomys acts as a solo instrument, providing an opportunity to perform not only folk melodies, but also works of national and world heritage.

According to Khakas legends (along with khobyrakh, shor, yykh and chatkhan), khomys is a gift from the spirits. Through a special hole in the back wall, the soul of the player enters the instrument and sings along with thin ringing strings, and after returning back to the human body, it gives strength.

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