KDP 120 the cult Kawai series in a new version

KDP 120 the cult Kawai series in a new version

Craftsmanship and many years of tradition

Kawai songs have always been very popular among pianists. The brand has earned its position for decades. The Japanese manufacturer became famous for the precise keyboard mechanism and subtle sound. Their pianos are used by prestigious music schools, philharmonics, concert halls and wherever one works on top-class instruments. It is not without reason that one of the four concert pianos to choose from at the Chopin Competition is the Kawai piano. Kawai has transferred these many years of experience in construction and sound from acoustic instruments to the plane of digital instruments, including digital pianos.

The phenomenon of the KDP series

One of the already cult lines of Kawai digital pianos is the KDP series. For several years now, it has been highly appreciated and very popular among both professional and amateur pianists. Many foam learners shape their skills in this series. These instruments are primarily valued for the excellent quality of the keyboard, which largely reproduces the performance of an acoustic instrument. The sounds, on the other hand, were imported from high-end Kawai upright and acoustic pianos. In addition, the instruments from this line have always been at an affordable price, which meant that the models from the KDP series broke popularity records in relation to competing brands.

Sound, keyboard and other qualities

The KDP-120 model is the successor to the popular and in its time one of the best-selling digital pianos, the KDP-110. It is characterized by high quality of workmanship with attention to even the smallest detail. The sound samples were taken, among others, from the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX piano, which belongs to the flagship concert grand pianos of the Kawai brand. Such an instrument must sound, especially since it has been equipped with a high-class 40W sound system. In addition, the most important thing for a musician, apart from sound, is the quality of the keyboard. The pianist has at his disposal an extremely comfortable and sensitive Responsive Hammer Compact II fully weighted hammer keyboard.

All this makes a musician who sits down to play may feel as if he was playing an acoustic instrument. All kinds of simulators try to reflect all the behavior of an acoustic instrument as closely as possible. In addition, the instrument is equipped with 192-voice polyphony, so even with the most complex samples, you can perform even the most complex songs without any restrictions, including those played for four hands, without fear of clogging the instrument.

Additional functions As a modern digital instrument, the KDP-120 is of course also equipped with a wireless Bluetooth-MIDI and USB-MIDI system to support the latest PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer applications. There is no need to write much about additional functions such as a metronome or a headphone jack, because it is already standard in every digital instrument.

See the Kawai KDP series:

KAWAI KDP-120 – shorts: rosewood

KAWAI KDP-120 – color: black

KAWAI KDP-120 – color: white

Undoubtedly, the Kawai KDP-120 is one of the most interesting propositions available on the market. Especially considering its reasonable price, for which we get a very good sounding instrument with a really good keyboard. It is also a very good alternative for all those musicians who, for some reason, be it financial or local, cannot afford an acoustic instrument.

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