Kashishi: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

Kashishi: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

A percussion musical instrument called kashishi consists of two small flat-bottomed bell baskets woven from straw, the bottom of which is traditionally carved from a dried pumpkin, and inside there are grains, seeds, and other small items. Made from natural ingredients, each such instance is unique.

In eastern Africa, it is used by percussion soloists and singers, often playing a major ritual role. According to the traditions of the hot continent, sounds resonate with the surrounding space, changing its state, which can attract or scare away spirits.

Kashishi: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

The sound of the instrument occurs when it is shaken, and changes in sound are associated with a change in the angle of inclination. Sharper notes appear when the seeds hit a hard bottom, softer ones are caused by touching the grains against the walls. The seeming simplicity of sound extraction is deceptive. To understand the melody and to fully immerse yourself in the energy essence of the instrument requires attention and concentration.

Although kashishi is of African origin, it has become widespread in Brazil. Capoeira brought him worldwide fame, where he is used simultaneously with the berimbau. In capoeira music, the sound of kashishi complements the sound of other instruments, creating a certain tempo and rhythm.

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